2024 DA Platform Committee Candidates

Democrats Abroad Platform Committee Candidates

Each region will be electing 2 members to join the global platform committee.   The 2 members in each region must be of different gender.

Click on the name to read more about the candidate.   Photos and video links will be added as received up to May 17.

You can also view all the candidates and their details on this pdf.

Winners at the 2024 Global Convention:

DA Platform Committee Candidates - Americas:
 Samuel Goodman - Costa Rica
 Hyungjoon Jin - Guatemala

DA Platform Committee Candidates - Asia Pacific:
 Gail Mcandrew - Australia
 Malcolm W. Adams - Japan

DA Platform Committee Candidates - EMEA:
 Candace Smith - Italy
 Bob Vallier - France

Americas Region

Name Country Gender Name on Ballot
Michael Vincent Conte Colombia Male Michael Vincent Conte-CO-M
Samuel Goodman - WINNER Costa Rica Male Samuel Goodman-CR-M


Asia Pacific Region

Name Country Gender Name on Ballot
Gail Mcandrew- WINNER Australia Female Gail Mcandrew-AU-F
Malcolm W. Adams-WINNER Japan Male Malcolm W. Adams-JP-M



EMEA Region

Name Country Gender Name on Ballot
Candace Smith - WINNER Italy Female Candace Smith-IT-F
Estela Landeros Italy Female Estela Landeros-IT-F
Jill F. Friedman Netherlands Female Jill F. Friedman-NL-F
Bob Vallier - WINNER France Male Bob Vallier-FR-M
Carmine Branco United Kingdom Male Carmine Branco-UK-M
Christophe Xavier ayizoa meke Cameroon Male Christophe Xavier ayizoa meke-CM-M
Jonathan Freeman Portugal Male Jonathan Freeman-PT-M
Mohamed Ahmed Kenya Male Mohamed Ahmed-KE-M
Peter R. Gallego Spain Male Peter R. Gallego-ES-M
Raymond Pierre Germany Male Raymond Pierre-DE-M