Kitchen Table Topics - Reproductive Justice

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Do you support affordable access to good quality family planning, fertility assistance and  safe abortion,? How do you think the Democratic party should proceed in order to get our rights back? Many many options and priorities are possible but we need your input!

  • Would you support a new Federal law which would create protection for abortion ? How should the party go about organizing this effort?

  • Do you think we should support the revision of State constitutions to legalize abortion?

  • Do you think we should concentrate on supporting State elections to get Democrats in office so the horrid legislation that has been enacted  in over 25 States is replaced by abortion right legislation?

  • All of the above? None of the above?

  • What ideas do you have to help get women’s rights to reproductive freedom back?


  • The right to abortion - which was a Federal right established by Roe v Wade  in 1972-was abolished by the Supreme Court in June 2022 in the case of Dobbs vs Jackson Women’s Health. 

  • Having overruled  Roe v Wade, the right to abortion was totally left to the States. And this has been a HUGE DISASTER.

  • About 25 States have either totally prohibited abortion sometimes criminalizing it or have made it so difficult that it is practically impossible.Texas has even  created a citizen’s right to sue those who provide or facilitate  abortion. 

  • Women are traveling far and wide to obtain abortions. And minority and poor women (who are often the same) cannot travel. No money, no babysitters, no free time and it goes on and on.

  • Medication abortion is available under certain conditions and in some States BUT bit by bit the Republicans are trying to prohibit women getting such medication by suing doctors prescribing medication abortion from out of State and  prosecuting doctors prescribing medication abortion from out of State in State AND THE WOMEN if they can.

This is a huge issue for all women.