July 22, 2022

Here's why we need to VOTE Ron DeSantis out of office. Deadline: Aug. 23!

To our Florida voters,

It’s time for Democrats to TAKE BACK FLORIDA!!

Gov. Ron DeSantis won the 2018 election by only a very close margin thanks to a Trump endorsement. Since then, he’s been instrumental in dragging down Florida’s political identity from a swing state to a playground for right-wing policy. At the same time, he’s plotting his move to the West Wing.

Here’s why we need to vote DeSantis OUT OF OFFICE! The ballots are now available to you. PLEASE VOTE ASAP!

This is what’s been happening in Florida since he became governor:

Discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity are prohibited in early elementary school.

Math textbooks were rejected for what the state called “indoctrination.”

Schools and employers are limited in what they can teach about racism and other aspects of history.

During COVID, he not only opposed state mask mandates he made most local ones unenforceable. He also didn’t keep constituents informed about COVID state statistics.

He sided with business over the environment at nearly every turn

Tenured professors in public universities are subjected to new reviews.

New laws have limited mail-in ballots

Abortions are banned after 15 weeks (expect more restrictions to come)

A law enforcement office was created to investigate so-called election crimes.

A congressional map was redrawn to give Republicans an even bigger advantage.

The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration is going to disallow familiar treatments for gender dysphoria through Medicaid on the basis that scientific and medical evidence doesn’t support them. In fact, the predominance of medical opinion is that they DO help.

Instead, let’s elect a Democrat and restore our basic rights as Americans. Here are some of the changes proposed by our Democratic gubernatorial candidates:

Reverse the DeSantis limits on mail ballots

Automatically register to vote anyone who conducts business with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Make Election Day a state holiday so every voter has a better opportunity to cast their ballot.

Make it easier for the governor and Cabinet to restore felons’ rights.

Strengthen regulations regarding run-off from agricultural lands.

Support wetland restoration and protect freshwater springs.

Reduce gun violence and seek stronger gun safety laws

Legalize marijuana and use revenue to fund the police, drug treatment programs and teachers.

Expand Medicaid and lower prescription drugs costs

Work to make housing more affordable for renters and homebuyers

Ban the sale of assault weapons

Implement a $15 minimum wage for State workers, leading the way for a standard minimum wage across Florida.

Increase funds for community policing and support sending mental health professionals to non-emergency calls.

Implement a billion-dollar senior rebate through the Florida Department of Elder Affairs. Implement a Senior’s Bill of Rights.

Champion the rights of women to make their own healthcare decisions and defend the rights of doctors to provide care.

Voting Details

You can check your absentee ballot status at these sites: at https://registration.elections,myflorida.com 

If you need to register (deadline Sept. 26) or request an absentee ballot, go to www.votefromabroad.com

When you get your ballot, make sure to follow all instructions. You can contact your county elections office for assistance, as well as Democrats Abroad at info@democratsabroad.

Your ballot must be received by 7:00 p.m. EDT, August 23, 2022.

Overseas voters may mail, fax, or have their ballots delivered to the Supervisor of Elections Office. Ballots received by email will not be counted. (Note: there are several free online faxing services. You do not need access to a fax machine!)

Thanks for VOTING!!!