Vote to Ratify the ERA Now; Waiting 97 Years Should Embarrass Us

I recently looked through my high school yearbook Class of '62 and was struck by the fact that all my female classmates limited their hoped-for future occupations to teacher, nurse, beautician, or secretary: no lawyers, doctors, engineers or US Presidents. In college, I remember hearing from female classmates that some of the faculty were discouraging them from going to graduate school because they would be taking the place of a man who might then be drafted and sent to Viet Nam. Some recent news, such as the election of our first female Vice-President can be seen as grounds for optimism. Yet women still need to pass niceness tests and glass ceilings are all too real. Enough! We need the Equal Rights Amendment as part of the Constitution to help us validate the beliefs that motivated our founders to declare us an independent nation. I urge my Senators to support and vote for SJRes1 to eliminate deadline for ERA validation. Resides in France; Votes in Massachusetts