April 10, 2021

Discussing Parasite with the Progressive Caucus

We held a collaborative event with the Progressive Caucus - which we hope was the first of many -  to discuss the most notorious film of 2019, Parasite. The aim of this event, which took place on March 27, was to kick off a potential film club and to gather film buffs together to share ideas, perspectives, and raise concerns relating to society today.

The film discussion was generally quite well-received and feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

We had a total of 12 participants joining the event. It was a remarkably diverse group of participants from all over the world. We were able to get people from AP, EMEA and even a few participants from the Americas. Participants expressed their personal opinions about the film as a whole and were able to comment specifically on crucial scenes. Everyone was enthusiastically engaged and gave solid analyses of the movie.

The event itself started with a short “get to know each other” session. Then we moved on to screening 3 crucial scenes of Parasite. At the end of each scene, there were opportunities for open discussion as well as prompted, more pointed discussions with questions.
Takeaways: We were able to examine and consider multiple interpretations of the film. We touched on topics ranging from the symbolism in the movie such as the movie’s name itself to social class in South Korea, and these connections to larger socio-economic and political considerations in the US.