Saturday, June 18

American University of Paris

30th Anniversary of the GWC- In Paris!


The first Democrats Abroad Women’s Caucus was created in 1992 by three staunchly feminist women in Paris France, 30 years ago. , And, it has grown to a powerhouse of activist women who are  stronger than ever in 2022. 

But is there cause for a celebration? Are women better off today than they were back in that famous “year of the woman” in 1992? Does the old feminist mantra “three steps forward two steps back” still hold true? 

It sure does. 

Backlash has hampered the feminist movement since the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848 – but it hasn’t stopped us from moving forward.  A brutal pandemic and years of nonstop political and cultural polarization, a war in Europe, and the return of the Taliban in Afghanistan have left us all, especially women, in the dark.  And, as we all know, women are the first victims of repressive regimes.  But we are undaunted. We have   become the driving force of our societies and the future depends on us.

Join us on June 18 to celebrate our 30 years of activism in Democrats Abroad.  Listen to experts and activists who are behind - and in front of - the feminist movement and are taking those three steps forward. 

JUNE 18, 2:00 PM TO 5:30 PM CET
At the American University of Paris, 6 rue Col Combes, 75007
In-person and online!

Our program includes panel discussions, insights by experts, and video clips that document our activism over the years. The program will honour the many feminists around the globe who have worked tirelessly to make the GWC the world’s largest organization for politically active Democratic American women overseas. RSVP below to register for this event - reserve your spot in Paris, OR...

Click here to join us online via Zoom!


Saturday, June 18, 2022 at 02:00 PM Paris Time