In holding, I am held

As a child I knew that the ERA existed, and that its existence would matter. My country would care – about me. My country has a powerful and beautiful constitution, but for centuries, even this precious constitution did not actually protect the rights of women in their everyday – ordinary, simple, basic - pursuits of life, liberty and happiness. I have three sisters, five nieces and innumerable beloved women friends. The changes we could enjoy will take new awareness, advanced thought, and exceptional government.

As a little girl, I knew that the ERA existed, and that it would be good. It should be noted for both sides of this question that the full ratification of the amendment will not necessarily have a direct impact on existing laws, statutes, or lives. But its existence alone would be, for me, as essential and profound as the constitution itself. It is something we could hold onto, have faith in, and something to be proud of.  Carolyn, living in Germany, voting in Pennsylvania