June 15, 2017

Democrats Abroad Launches Campaign for Comprehensive Tax Reform

As Congress moves toward tax reform, Americans living abroad demand a fairer, common-sense approach

Democrats Abroad calls on Congress to consider Residence-Based Taxation as part of their upcoming comprehensive tax reform package. 

Members who live in over 190 countries around the world are joining a grassroots effort to reform the tax policy that impacts 9 million Americans overseas. The event coincides with the June 15 deadline for international tax filing in the US.

“This isn’t a Democrat or Republican issue – it’s an American one. We’re asking for a common sense approach to taxation – one based on residence instead of citizenship,” explained Julia Bryan, International Chair of Democrats Abroad. “It’s one of our key issues due to its impact on every American living outside the United States.”

Democrats Abroad is pushing for a switch to Residency Based Taxation, but the legislation to do so must not be held hostage by tea-party ideology or irresponsible cuts. RBT should reflect American values and improve the lives of ordinary Americans living abroad first. The whole tax reform package must not pay for changes by eliminating programs that benefit children, the elderly and the most vulnerable.

The organization has supported Residence Based Taxation since its inception, though increasingly complex and costly forms and filings continue to make the issue more pressing. Now as Congress moves to introduce comprehensive tax reform, Democrats Abroad and other American organizations are uniting in a call for fairer policies for overseas Americans.