Safe and Secure in Germany #DAresists #Medicare4all

I am an American living abroad in Germany. As the mother of 3, I will attest to the total freedom and security that comes with free healthcare. All of my children have had incredible luck with their health, there has been no terrible scare to contend with. But day to day, with allergies here and a broken bone there, we have always had the ease to go to any hospital or specialist as needed. My own health care has also been exceptional. I am 55 and from the beginning of my life in Munich to now I have never once not been able to get the care I 've needed. From broken bones (motorcycle accident), help with fertility, care and constant monitoring during difficult pregnancies, extra care for preemies (including a midwife that came to our home), all types of cancer screenings, paying for all doctors bills for chronic pain from Rheumatism, all dental, ... Well, I can go on. I will gladly continue to express my gratitude towards the German goverment's handling of our healthcare . All the while knowing that we are not exceptional, we are proudly one family of many that is secure in our healthcare needs within this country. I will gladly yell from any platform that Universal Healthcare is a right and not a privilege. We Americans Abroad here in Germany are proof of that .