2021 Bylaws Changes - Public Comment

Proposed DA France Bylaws Changes - Public Comment

A proposed draft of changes to the DA France Bylaws is now available for review and public comment. We will review the major changes to the draft at the DA France AGM on April 17, 2021 prior to voting on whether to approve. Questions? Please email the DA France Bylaws Committee at [email protected].

  • To view the current DA France Bylaws of March 2020, see here.
  • To view the 2021 proposed Bylaws changes, the "Markup" version, see here. This version shows where the text is being changed.
  • To view the "clean" version of 2021 proposed changes, see here. This version shows how the final text reads with changes accepted.
  • To provide comment and feedback to the Bylaws Committee, please use this Public Comment form, here

Many thanks!

The 2021 DA France Bylaws Committee

Julia Grégoire, Committee Chair
Jonathon Holler
Joseph Smallhoover 
Scott Stroud
Ada Shen
[email protected]