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Americas Non-Country Committee (Non-CC) Candidates Information 

Americas Region Non-CC Candidates

The Americas Region Non-Country Committee Voting Representative will serve alongside the more than 250 other voting representatives from DA's country committees to discuss and vote on DA business – such as Resolutions, Platform, and International Officer leadership elections at global meetings.

This initiative was spearheaded to ensure that all members of Democrats Abroad have representation and a voice in our global organization. The role of Non-CC Voting Representative is an exciting development for the growth of Democrats Abroad (officially named DPCA) and the enfranchisement of DA members who currently do not have representation in the DPCA body. 

Please review the Candidate Statements below, and other information on this page, before voting for your Regional Voting Representative.


Candidate Discussion Forum

The public Candidate Forum Google Group is open for Candidates and Voters from Non-CC countries who would like to get to know their candidates better.:

Anyone is invited to view the discussion, but only eligible Non-CC voters can be added to the Forum to post questions by selecting the "Ask to join Group" button at the top of the page. If you do not see the button, send an email request to: [email protected]


Voting and Election Meeting

Balloting will be held via electronic Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) ballot (with a PDF ballot available upon request) between:

March 10th to 22nd – closing at Midnight voter’s local time

Your Americas Region ballot link was provided in the direct email announcement of March 10 with the subject title: Meet Your Voting Rep Candidates and Vote! sent to all eligible Non-CC Voting members. Note: You must provide your Full Name and the special Voting ID number included within the email to be able to cast a vote. Additional reminder emails with your personal voting information and ballot link will be sent between now and March 22nd.

The Americas Election Reporting Meeting will be held:

Saturday, March 25, 2023 10:00am EDT/ 15:00 CET 

On WebEx with the following link:

Meeting Password = nonccelect


If you have any questions or difficulties regarding the voting process, please contact the Nominations and Elections Committee (NCC-NEC) at: [email protected]


Americas Candidate for Non-CC Voting Representative


Giovany Delgado (Gio)


Hello, I'm Gio. As a young expat professional, I have encountered many experiences where I would have appreciated guidance and mentorship while navigating a foreign country. My priorities as a hopeful DPCA Voting Representative will be to leverage technological tools to reach members, provide opportunities for members to connect virtually or in-person, where possible, visualize the Democratic agenda for my region and country while strengthening mechanisms to listen to current needs, services, and local priorities identified by members. I am seeking this position to add a fresh generational lens to the party and the DA while connecting with other generations to ensure a transfer of knowledge, engagement, and most importantly of communication centered on diversity and equity.

Gio grew up between Managua and Miami. He has a BA in Political Science and International Studies and a MA in International Administration from the University of Miami in Florida, as well as an MS in Latin American Development from King’s College London in the UK. He has worked extensively throughout Latin America and brings deep contextual knowledge and networks in the region. He is passionate about youth development, especially empowering youth leaders and convening public and private stakeholders to bring about systems change.


Note: Candidates and Voters must reside in a “Non-CC” country to participate in this election. See lists below:

Americas Countries with

Established DA Country Committees (CCs)

Not eligible to Vote in this election:


Americas Countries with NO 

Established Country Committee, (NonCCs)

Eligible to Vote in this election:




Caribbean Islands



Costa Rica

Dominican Republic









Bouvet Island

El Salvador

Falkland Islands (Malvinas)

French Guiana







Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha

Saint Pierre and Miquelon

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands



Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of

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