DA Stuttgart Chapter Chair Candidate Statement- Kelsey McLendon

I’m running for Stuttgart Chapter Chair because I’m invested in this community and committed to doing the necessary work to ensure it grows, evolves, and thrives. While one of the primary focuses of Democrats Abroad is to register overseas voters, I see our mission as extending beyond that. DA provides the opportunity for Americans abroad both to speak with like-minded people and to broaden our world perspectives. We are, in many ways, unofficial American foreign ambassadors, and I hope to lead the Stuttgart chapter in increased engagement in cultural exchange experiences in our host country. As a DA member, I’ve organized and led events, written new role descriptions and petitions, worked on DNC reform campaigns, and currently, I’m a leading organizer of the DA Global Women’s Caucus international book club called Books Abroad. As an active member of the Women’s and Progressive Caucuses, my experiences at the caucus level will inform my leadership as Stuttgart Chair as I work to diversify the voices within our chapter to welcome and encourage input from members, new and existing. I intend to make general meetings more accessible—perhaps on an online platform like WebEx—and introduce more social events such as movie nights, pub trivia, picnics in the park, etc. Based on feedback from my fellow members, I hope to foster the right balance between activism with an agenda and building a fun social community.