May 04, 2017

Announcing Creation of Democrats Abroad Patagonia

Democrats Abroad Chile is excited to announce its first regional group, Democrats Abroad Patagonia.


Members will meet to discuss politics and policy, host voter registration drives, volunteer for Democratic candidates, engage with other progressive groups in the community, and––of course––have a good time with like-minded Americans!


Initial meetings will be held in the Puerto Varas/Puerto Montt area. The group hopes to expand to more areas in the South of Chile, and even cross the border to foster relationships with Democrats in Argentina.


In an area so rich with natural beauty, Democrats Abroad Patagonia also plans to be a strong voice for environmental issues within the global Democrats Abroad community.


Get involved! If you live or spend time in the south of Chile, please send an email to the DA Patagonia lead, Erin Becker: [email protected].


Additionally, if you know someone who lives in the south of Chile and may be interested, please share the news about this group.