January 14, 2023

Atlantic Provinces Call for Nominations 2023-2025 Term

Join us 10 AM Saturday January 28th on Zoom for an Information Session on everything about being a Democrats Abroad leader in the Atlantic Provinces!

Here is the Zoom Link to Join

The virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) and 2023 Elections of The Atlantic Chapter of Democrats Abroad Canada will take place Wednesday, March 15, 2023. More information, including the ability to RSVP will be distributed closer to the date.

The Nominations and Elections Committee is seeking nominations for the following offices: Chair, Vice Chair, General Secretary, Communications Secretary, and Treasurer. The Vice Chair elected shall be a member who is of differing gender to the Chair, as per the by-laws of Democrats Abroad and the rules of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). 

Nominations open January 14, 2023 and will close on  January 29, 2023.  

Please fill out this form and included a 200 word candidate statement the should contain experience pertinent to the office position for which you or your nominee is running. A nominee must be a Democrats Abroad Canada member, a US citizen, a resident within the boundaries of the Atlantic Provinces Chapter, and must agree to stand for election.

As a Board member you will be expected to actively participate in the management of the Chapter, including attendance at monthly board meetings, either in-person or virtually.

Closer to the AGM date, online ballots will be emailed with instructions on how to complete and submit the ballot.

We greatly appreciate your assistance and look forward to receiving your nominations.

Position Descriptions:

Chair: The Chair shall call and preside at all general meetings of members as well as of the Executive Committee and shall have responsibility for all activities approved by the organization. The Chair represents and is the spokesperson for DA-Atlantic.

Vice Chair: In the absence of the Chair, the Vice Chair shall call and preside at general meetings of members and of the Executive Committee, with a vote on the Executive Committee. The Vice Chair must be a different gender from the Chair. The Vice Chair automatically becomes Chair in the event of the loss of the Chair.

General Secretary: The General Secretary Secretary shall record and file minutes of all meetings and shall keep all such files and administrative records of the organization.

Communications Secretary: The Communications Secretary holds full responsibility for strategy and execution of all social media, advertising and media contacts plus reporting.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall manage the finances of the chapter, create and maintain financial reports, manage the DA-Atlantic bank account, and maintain such financial reports as may be required by law.

Best regards,

Devbani Raha
Julie Buchanan
Erin Kotecki Vest

Atlantic Provinces Nominations & Election Committee
email:[email protected]