Democrats Abroad is raffling off 20 Biden/Harris campaign care packages in the form of a “2020
Election Watch Starter Kit”.

Win one and get a Biden/Harris T-shirt, campaign button, face
mask and more!!


Tickets are $20.20 for 1 ticket - 3 for $50 - 8 for $100. Proceeds go to Democrats Abroad's Get Out the Vote campaign in Australia and around the world.

Participation is strictly limited to Democrats Abroad members in Australia living in NSW, ACT, SA and Tasmania (American citizens over 18).

Enter the amount of your donation on the left of this page.

$20.20 - one ticket
$35.00 - two tickets
$50.00 - three tickets
$75.00 - five tickets
$100.00 - eight tickets

More details and the Raffle Rules are provided below.

Donations to Democrats Abroad are not tax-deductible.

Democrats Abroad is raffling off 20 Election Watch Starter Kits with these great gifts inside:

  • A Biden/Harris campaign T-shirt
  • A Biden/Harris campaign button
  • A Biden/Harris face mask
  •  ½ dozen shortbread cookies in the shape of the Democratic Party Donkey
  • Tea, for calming the spirit
  • Political themed cocktail recipes, for soothing of another kind
  • An Electoral College Votes Scorecard
  • An Electoral College Ratings Chart
  • An interactive Electoral College Map link
  • A U.S. Senate Control Scorecard


These are the rules for the Raffle.

  1.  Twenty (20) Election Watch Starter Kits will be offered in a raffle managed by Democrats Abroad in Australia. 
  2.  Democrats Abroad is the beneficiary of the raffle.  Tickets will be offered on the Donations page of the Democrats Abroad website.
  3. Tickets may only be purchased by Democrats Abroad Australia members living in the states of NSW, ACT, SA and Tasmania in order to comply with Australian state gambling regulations.
  4. Tickets cost $20.20 for one ticket. 3 tickets cost $50. 8 tickets cost $100. 
  5. Tickets will be promoted via blast email to Democrats Abroad members with an address registered in NSW, ACT, SA and Tasmania.
  6. Tickets will be offered for sale starting Monday 19 October.  Tickets sales will close on Sunday 25 October at 12 noon Australia Eastern Summer Time.
  7. The drawing will occur on Sunday 25 October following the close of ticket sales.
  8. The drawing will be recorded.
  9. The winners will be notified by email.
  10. The Starter Kits will be posted to winners on Monday 26 October 2020.
  11.  Participants are urged to ensure they register for the raffle using their current phone number, email address and postal address.


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Contributions are not tax deductible.
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  2. This contribution is not made from the general treasury funds of a corporation, labor organization, or national bank.
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