An Amiable Heart to Heart


An Amiable Heart to Heart

Hello Neighbor

come sit and rest for a minute

Take the load off your feet

I see you watching me lately

Hiding behind the hedges

Whispering behind closed doors

We both saw the news last night

While some reporter ranted

Again, about black on black crime

Have you seen any statistics

about white on white crime?

Cop shot a dude because he thought

Didn’t see anything threatening

But his expectations were pending

And needed justifying

Same old lame ass alibi

Like the stories of the homeless

That always sound so petty

Especially if they have addictions

The kids do not matter, do they?

Then we heard somewhat later

About the enormous amount of blacks

We do come in big boxes, don’t we?

Dying because of this new virus

Still the scapegoat for all the poor?

Why do we get minstrelled into every drama?

Does the black face draw more audiences?

Get more attention, more added thrills?

Does that mean yours does not?

Haven’t I been a good neighbor?

There is no mystification to my identity

You know me as well as you know yourself

I have been living next door to you

for four hundred years or more

So, what is the hype?

I work at the same office as you

I eat the same food as you do too

I am no threat to your existence

It is our neighborhood, isn’t it?

And it is time we act like it.

Thanks for the chat neighbor.

Give my regards to the family.

You all take care, you hear?


Camille Elaine Thomas

May 07, 2020


Elaine Thomas from Germany - Read Elaine's Bio

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