Biking Home



Worrisome days pass
As do troublesome nights
Like fallen autumn leaves
And hungry birds in flight

The ducks will always find
A safe place to nest
While shoppers with masks
Rush on their way to rest

The water flows gently
The dike full of walkers
That stumble along nimbly
Amidst the cheerful talkers

The north wind blows
The ships all lie still
Dusk falls with no warning
As I slowly bike downhill

I see an old man staring
At some park’s gravestones
Appearing somehow pensive
Looking so all alone

I think about the winter
And remember last fall
Another day almost over
Yet I worry not at all

Still glad to be alive
To enjoy another day
To reflect again the seasons
And bike a new pathway


Camille Elaine Thomas
December 17, 2020


Elaine Thomas from Germany - Read Elaine's Bio

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