June 01, 2020

#BlackLivesMatter Vigil Shareable Graphics

Please download and share these graphics on social media.

Use the attached poster (or your own sign), take a picture of yourself, email it to us at [email protected], and post it to your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram page. This is a rolling action and we'll keep adding pictures to our vigil page as we receive images through the week. 




2020.05.31_DA_GBC_ALICEWALKER.png 2020.05.31_DA_GBC_DESMONDTUTU.png 2020.05.31_DA_GBC_DONTSHOOT.png


2020.05.31_DA_GBC_ERICGARNER.png 2020.05.31_DA_GBC_JUSTICE.png 2020.05.31_DA_GBC_MLKJR2.png
2020.05.31_DA_GBC_NEXT.png 2020.05.31_DA_GBC_POLICEBRUTALITY.png 2020.05.31_DA_GBC_TANEHISI.png
2020.05.31_DA_GBC_WHITEPEOPLE2.png 2020.05.31_ZORANEALE.png