In Your Face

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Just because you smiled at me this morning on the bus
Doesn’t change the fact that so many others didn’t
Just because you claim that there are no races
Doesn’t mean that I don’t experience racism
Just because you have a few black acquaintances
Doesn’t mean that you can interpret my black culture
Just because you attended a Black Lives Matter protest
Doesn’t prove that you don’t harbor prejudices
Just because you believe black people need a chance
Doesn’t help them get one
Just because you appropriate black culture
Doesn’t make you unique
Just because you acknowledge white fragility
Doesn’t absolve you from suffering from it
Just because you claim to be a good Christian
Doesn’t make you of necessity spiritually evolved
So, just because you’re in my face boring me with whitesplain
Doesn’t mean that I have to get affronted
But what if I do?


Camille Elaine Thomas
August 18, 2021
Copyright@ All rights reserved


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