Knock on Wood

Knock on Wood

She now locks all her doors

When twilight beckons

She is not afraid of robbers

Rather of her own infuriation

The horde of racial murders

Have weakened her resolve

For peaceful negotiations

And obedient prayer

Is no longer an option


She keeps her doors locked

To hide her desire to hurt

To maim for revenge

To shout out her resentment

For all the unnecessary deaths

All those oppressed by hate

Those whose necks were broken

Or destroyed by pedophiles

Bodies sold for an european ticket


She keeps her doors shut

To recover from the daily indignities

The stares that force recognition

The questions that she detests

The answers that demand voice

Her sensitivities assaulted

Her ethics and morals denied

Insight matures with dread

History repeating unremittingly


She keeps her doors shut

All of them

Until the sun rises


Camille Elaine Thomas

July 19, 2020


Elaine Thomas from Germany - Read Elaine's Bio

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