Lost Talent



As he sat down, with a look of hunger in his
Eyes. As I searched, nothing not evens the lowest.
Sensing, a strange and different personality from
The others.

He glanced up with a gleam in his eyes. Within
Minutes, my face was on the dirty white paper.
Just as quickly as he came. He disappeared for
A long, long time.

Thinking, over the years. A talent, this homeless
And hungry person. Drifting, in a world too busy
To care. As my emotions rose to meet the thoughts.

As quickly as he disappeared, he returned. Looking
Deeply hurt in the eyes. My soul ripped with sorrow
And anger. For I, too was with little.

As I watch him sipping coffee. Knowing the
Thoughts of his mind as thought my own. The
World not known to his talents.

As I gave him my last. Thinking, his need more
Important than mine. As I walked away. Poured
Down the drain, into the sewer, into the sea.
Lost forever.

As the tears, began to seep into my eyes.
I must, I must.


Copyright © 1993 Paul S Hickman All Rights Reserved


Paul S. Hickman from Greece - Read Paul's Bio

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