Pitter-patter squirm -roll -squirm.
   Small in size as you may be. Be mindful of your
intelligentsia capacity. Our footprints are in the sands
    of life for you to step in and keep going into the
             realms left by us by our kingdoms.

Kingdoms erased by academicians of shallow depths.
 Unable to fathom all that which was created for us
 and now you. Some think too soon -you are given
              that which is your inheritance.

     I am looking out for you. So you can spread
     Your wings and fly to the highest mountain.

  Into the forceful winds and the raging seas. On
   our backs you can sit without tiring us. As we
    cuddle you with our God Given gentle arms.
         As you smile gleefully into our eyes.

    There we see into your soul- invisible to us.
          But it is there. Be kind to us as we
     Wither away into the eternal resting place.

(C)2021 “Pitter-Patter”-Paul S Hickman-All Rights Reserved



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