You thought it would be done. But you didn't know
That it would be so. By the Grace of God -you start
 A new journey with His Angels as your Guardians.

   There you sit far away from us. Yet so close.
    As you feel in your heart the fire that burns
                  In all of God's Chosen.

        Not to worry about that what follows.
     His Lead and you emerge as fresh as the
Clear running stream. As strong as the Native Bison.
   As true as the arrow. And as gentle as the cello-
                  Piano-flute and the violin.

There you have it. Mr. President of the United States.
         Long life-sail with the Winds of change.
      And your walks moves towards the destiny
   To accomplish the trials and tribulations of life.

  As you walk over the hill-you are a young person's
President. Our time has passed As you plow the road
                      For the years to come.

     Time crosses your footsteps in the sand . As a
             Gentle breeze erases the previous
                   Path followed by so many.

       Your hand with open face points to the sky
      And the heavens sing and the thunder roars.

                         Now you start....


(C)2021-”UNFINISHED” by Paul S Hickman -All Rights Reserved


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