Unjust Indigestion

Unjust Indigestion

Her death could have been avoided
If someone had listened to her cries
Someone left their trainers on the porch
Then muddied the house mat

They called their names in villages
And marches around the world
But the circus revolves
And the clowns keep prancing

The videos of despair continue
But weariness has sluggishly settled in
While pessimism weaves pathways
Behind the invasion of frolicking trolls

The choices are paltry
But the steps need taking
For when the mockingbird sings
Scavenger crows return home to rest

For when need is stronger than desire
And torment incites lingering disgust
Then the time for fall sowing
Comes before the spring reaping

While the chants are still being sung
With self-righteous fervor
Yet, the rhythm must be woven anew
To still the tide of pending disaster

Camille Elaine Thomas
September 20, 2020

Elaine Thomas from Germany - Read Elaine's Bio

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