Americans Abroad Guide to CARES Act Aid for Individuals

Democrats Abroad has fielded many hundreds of messages from Americans abroad seeking information about CARES Act aid.  The CARES Act Aid FAQs document developed from those messages is still available at this link. However we will no longer be updating it daily.  When the CARES Act was enacted on 27 March there were many questions unanswered about how the aid would be delivered by the IRS.  A lot of those questions have been resolved, some to our satisfaction and some not.   

We now refer Americans abroad to this Guide to CARES Act Aid for Individuals which we think will be more helpful to those seeking information at this time on aid eligibility and delivery.  

We are hearing that economic impact payments are being delivered into the U.S. accounts of many Americans abroad and others are finding aid checks arriving by post.  Whilst we are pleased to hear that some are receiving much needed support, we will continue to push the IRS for improved access to the aid for those without U.S. bank accounts and those who are still unable to use the Non-Filers and Get My Payment tools.

Democrats Abroad Taxation Task Force