Are you a U.S. citizen, a Democrat, and living in Colombia? Get involved with Democrats Abroad Colombia (DA CO), the official country committee for Democrats Abroad. The first step is to click on JOIN/SIGN IN in the upper right-hand corner of this page. This will add you to our mailing list and ensure that you are included in the official count of Americans living abroad around the world, which determines how many representatives we can send to the Democratic National Convention. 

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Contact: [email protected]


DA Colombia Leadership:

Maria Carter
| Chair - Democrats Abroad Colombia
Rob Simmons
| Vice Chair - Democrats Abroad Colombia
Sydney Slotkin
| Youth Caucus Steering Committee Member; DA Colombia Secretary
Julia Larkin
| Treasurer - Democrats Abroad Colombia
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    Annual General Meeting (AGM) April 15, 2021

    Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is just two weeks away! On Thurs. April 15, 2021 at 6:00 pm where all Democrats Abroad Colombia volunteers are invited to join virtually to become informed on the latest Democrats Abroad Colombia highlights over the past year and look to the future of our chapter here in Colombia. We have a lot to be proud of and all credit goes to all of our members like you! Please click HERE to sign up for the AGM and receive the link to the meeting.

     During our meeting, we will also be holding our Executive Committee elections for 2021-2023! Below we present to you the four open positions and the corresponding nominees for this next cycle. Take a moment to read their brief bios and purpose statements for running for office. Please support your candidates and Democrats Abroad Colombia as we select new leadership by filling out the electronic ballot through this link.

     You may vote for all positions. Your electronic signature will be your name and contact information as indicated, so please fill out the form completely and SUBMIT.

     It takes all of a minute to send in your vote and you have until Wednesday, April 14, 2021 at 12:00 pm (CST) to send it in, so make sure to get your vote in! We will announce the votes at the Annual General Meeting.

     Thanks to all our wonderful and talented nominees who are equally excited and committed to bringing out the best for Democrats Abroad Colombia.


    Monica Gonzalez
    Andrew Fischer
    Nominations and Elections Committee


    Chair Nominee
    Quyen Nguyen

    I am an Iowa voter and I have lived in Colombia for four years with my Colombian partner who is a Bogotá city councilor. I have a consulting business in which I guide undergraduate and graduate students through the admissions process. I also teach courses on inclusive leadership to undergraduate business students at el CESA.

    I have been honored to serve as your chair since 2019, and hope I can continue to lead DA Colombia in this capacity. Since I have been in this role, we have achieved many great things. Here are just a few:

    • Built a team of over 2 dozen volunteers who helped us get Biden and other Democrats into office
    • Hit the highest membership growth rate of any country committee in the Americas
    • Hit nearly 70% engagement with our members for the 2020 elections
    • Had the highest percentage of compliance (over 99%) in the Americas for database management


    I am very proud that DA Colombia has become a globally recognized country chapter, and I hope we can spend the next two years continuing to build on and carry out this work together.


    Vice Chair Nominee
    Jimmy Colon

    My name is Jimmy Colon. I was born in Newark, New Jersey but was raised in Puerto Rico.

    I graduated from high school at Florida Ari Academy. I earned my Bachelor of Arts - Accounting Magna Cum Laude Honors (Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, USA)  and got my Master of Arts. International Studies-Economics at  Ohio University, Ohio. USA.

    I am 100% bilingual with more than 20  years of experience working at multinational companies, holding positions from Financial Manager / Controller and General Manager.

    I best describe myself as a positive, well-organized and highly result-oriented individual who can work under pressure with an outgoing personality.

    I command good communication skills at multiple organizational levels and have Managed work in a dynamic environment with the ability to handle conflicts (Internal / external) and create win/win situations.

    I view myself as an analytically minded person with strong negotiation skills, openness to change and the ability to overcome obstacles thinking out of the box.

     My motivation to run as Vice-Chair- Democrats Abroad,  Colombia Chapter, is to contribute my knowledge and experience by proactively engaging the membership base via open debate and activities as well as achieving a 15% increase in the membership base.


    Secretary Nominee
    Sydney Slotkin

    I would be honored to be your new Secretary of Democrats Abroad Colombia. Originally joining as a member in 2018, I became an active volunteer in 2020 and co-led DA Colombia’s first GOTV and phone banking campaigns to meet our goal in registering and supporting voters. In 2021 I also joined the Global Youth Caucus Steering Committee where I hope to encourage young voters to become more involved with the organization.  

    I grew up in New York where I vote today and studied at American University in Washington, DC. I originally moved to Medellin in 2012 to teach English and achieve Spanish fluency. I extended my time here to work with the Colombian Ministry of Education’s Colombia Bilingue project where I worked in Valledupar and Medellin. I currently live in Bogota with my partner where I work remotely as a Global Operations Manager leading my team in the Americas.

    After increasing membership last year, I see the next 2 years as a time to define our goals as a young chapter and support members between election cycles. In addition to being hardworking and passionate, my experience streamlining and implementing processes and programs will help DA Colombia’s goals become a reality.

    I hope to gain your support and to meet you all in person or virtually soon!


    Treasurer Nominee
    Carolina Carter

    I am a US citizen that has lived in Colombia on and off for many years and am interested in and follows political developments in both the United States and Colombia. I am particularly passionate about protection of women's sexual and reproductive rights, gender diversity and identity rights, and migrants’ rights. I have a degree in Political Science from Universidad Rafael Landivar in Guatemala and a master’s degree in International Public Policy from Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies. After returning to Colombia in 2010, I worked in monitoring and evaluation for the operator of the USAID human rights program and for the past eight years have been working at an international NGO dedicated to transitional justice.

     I served as Vice Chair and Chair of Democrats Abroad Colombia in 2010-11 and have been treasurer for the past two years. The Executive Committee and our magnificent group of volunteers did an incredible job last year in increasing membership and conducting a successful Get Out the Vote campaign. I would like to continue to be a part of this team and contribute to the work of Democrats Abroad globally and in Colombia. I ask for your vote to re-elect me as treasurer so that we can carry on this work together!

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    Dems Abroad Colombia September Newsletter



    Dear Friend, 

    We are now 45 days away from the elections, and there is no time to waste! 

    If you elected to receive your ballot by email, you should receive it by Saturday, September 19 (not sure whether or not you did? Chat with someone for help on If you must send your ballot back by postal mail, please send it by Monday, September 21 to ensure it gets back to the U.S. on time! You can save tons of money by sending it back through the U.S. Embassy (more on that below). 

    We are still always looking for volunteers for the global network and DA Colombia (respond to this email for more info). If you don’t have time to volunteer but still want to help in other ways, consider the following:

    • Stay informed by following us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter and by reading our newsletters—then re-share this info with others.
    • Ask 5 friends to join Democrats Abroad Colombia.
    • Donate $20.20 for the 2020 elections. Each dollar you give helps us reach four more potential voters!
    • Join caucuses to get more involved with special communities you’re passionate about. 

    Your vote counts. If you haven’t registered to vote or requested your ballot yet, don’t worry. There is still time if you do it right away. If you encounter any issues along the way, don’t give up—we are here to help you exercise your right to vote. 

    Democratically yours,
    Quyen Nguyen
    Chair, Democrats Abroad Colombia

    Need help registering to vote? Join us for 1:1 help on Sundays or chat with someone on

    ballot box

    Ballots officially are sent out on September 19. Fill it out and do not waste time- send it back to your local board of elections ASAP. Sept 19 is 45 days from November 3 or 6 weeks away!  We’ve done some homework and here’s what we know.

    If you MAIL in your ballot (OPTION 1):

    • The US Embassy (Bogotá) and Consulate (Barranquilla) can deliver your ballot (or voter registration packet).
    • It is FREE.
    • Your ballot or voter registration packet MUST be in a sealed, addressed and postage-paid envelope.
    • You can in-person drop off your ballot or registration packet OR you can mail it to the US Embassy or Consulate (see mailing address below).
    • Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
    • You are not able to track mail delivery via this method.

    If you MAIL in your ballot (OPTION 2):

    • Several private courier services offer international delivery including: Deprisa, FedEx, DHL, and 472.
    • This method includes tracking for mail delivery.
    • Delivery time can approximately range 4-6 business days.
    • This method does incur a cost. Approximate quotes we've received are $120,000~$220,000. 

    Should you opt to send your ballot through the US Embassy or Consulate, bear in mind the time lapse of sending your ballot or registration packet. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to send your ballot or registration packet as soon as you can to allow for on-time delivery. Remember, Sept. 19 is already 6 weeks away from Nov 3. 

    Contact us with any questions, challenges, or experiences you want to share at [email protected] or via messaging our Facebook or Instagram accounts. We can help you make a plan to get your ballot in.

    How do I send my ballot to the U.S. from Colombia?

    Get your ballot to the U.S.

    Private Couriers


    If for any reason, you do not receive your ballot (having registered and requested one) and the time is ticking, you can mail in the FWAB. This ballot serves as a back-up ballot. It is official and counts. You can find an FWAB at

    Once you mail this in, you do not need to send in the other ballot should it come in later. We do recommend, as with the state ballot, follow up. Contact your local election office. Check in with friends and family as well to ensure they are doing the same.


    DA Colombia


    P.S. - Click below to let us know your current voting status!
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    Upcoming Events

    Saturday, May 21, 2022 at 04:00 AM through May 23, 2022 Time
    WebEx in Washington, DC

    May 2022 Global Meeting


    Democrats Abroad will hold our 2022 Global Meeting online. The meeting will be held across the weekend of May 21-22.

    Connection details will be emailed to all Democrats Abroad member RSVP's closer to the meeting date.

    Democrats Abroad Global Meetings are possible thanks to participant donations. You will be redirected to the donation page after you RSVP.

     Day One Agenda  Day Two Agenda
    Democrats Abroad Resolutions Democrats Abroad Charter Amendments

    To RSVP, click HERE to navigate to the bottom of this page

    NOTICE: This meeting will be recorded, including audio, video, and any materials exchanged or viewed during the session.

    Agenda (Subject to Change)

    Saturday, May 21      

    To check your local time, please use this Time Zone Converter here.

    Time (US Eastern)



    WebEx Opens/Check-In


    Meeting Begins, Roll Call


    Opening Remarks


    Adoption of Meeting Rules


    Approval of Minutes from May and August 2021 Global Meetings 


    International Chair’s Report


    International Treasurer’s Report


    Confirmation of International Treasurer


    Confirmation of DA Caribbean Islands




    DA’s Task Forces: What They Are, What They’re Doing, and How You Can Help


    DA’s Caucuses: What They Are, What They’re Doing, and How You Can Help


    Break / Guest Speaker DNC Deputy Executive Director Roger Lau


    The Nuts & Bolts of Voting From Abroad


    Overview: Global GOTV Strategy and Resources for 2022


    Battleground State Teams


    Break / Guest Speaker DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison


    Panel on GOTV Best Practices


    Reaching and Helping Voters in 2022


    Break / Guest Speaker US Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ)


    Fundraising in 2022: The Pitch, Nuts and Bolts, and Best Practices 


    Closing Remarks for Day One


    End of Day One

    Sunday, May 22

    To check your local time, please use this Time Zone Converter here.

    Time (US Eastern)



    WebEx Opens/Check-In


    Meeting Reconvenes, Roll Call


    Rebranding Overview: New DA Logo, DA Website Redesign, and VFA Website Redesign


    Membership Engagement: Volunteer Pathways in 2022 








    Charter Amendments


    Break / Guest Speakers Former Congressman Tony Coehlo and DNC Disability Caucus Chair Kerri Evelyne Harris 


    Charter Amendments (cont.)


    Closing Remarks for Day Two


    End of Day Two, Meeting Adjourns


    Democrats Abroad Resolutions

    The DPCA will consider resolutions submitted by its members at the Global Meeting. Resolutions can pertain to matters of internal governance, DA's advocacy of policies, or memorializing leaders who have recently passed away. The texts of resolutions for this meeting are available as a PDF using this link. These texts are the result of a lengthy process of discussion and revisions, with all changes requiring the consent of the primary sponsors. During the meeting, a resolution may be passed, amended, rejected, or not considered due to parliamentary decisions.

    Any DA member is welcome to use a form to be recognized as a co-sponsor of an individual resolution. If you'd like to be listed publicly by name and country of residence as a co-sponsor of a particular resolution, please use the following link to complete the form:  This form will close 24 hours before the meeting's start.

    Democrats Abroad Charter Amendments

    Proposed amendments to Democrats Abroad’s Charter can be found here.


    Click Here to donate in support of the Global Meeting and DA's GOTV activities.

    Click Here to donate to the Democrats Abroad Travel Fund.


    Friday, May 27, 2022 at 09:00 AM Eastern Time (US & Canada) · 15 rsvps
    Zoom in Washington, DC

    Monthly Friday Casual Social

    Democrats Abroad Global Seniors and Disability Caucuses invite you to join us for our monthly Social -- a time for Seniors and members of the Disability Caucus to connect with one another and discuss topics of concern and information. We will reflect, discuss, plan, and strategize together from the comfort of our own homes and with no duties or assignments! This will be fun as we can discuss freely any topic we would like.  

    When: Friday May 27, 2022 at 9.00 am Eastern time

    Where: on Zoom. 
    Vancouver CA 6:00 AM PDT
    Washington DC 9:00 AM EDT
    London UK 2:00 PM BST
    Paris FR 3:00 PM CET
    Hanoi VN 8:00 PM ICT
    Beijing CN 9:00 PM CST