Critical Voter Outreach Effort

Democrats Abroad Victoria Launches Critical Voter Outreach Effort! 

Time is wasting & there isn’t a moment to lose! Democracy itself is on the line in the United States. This November’s midterm election is critical and determines which party controls the U.S House and Senate. Because of the urgent need to elect US leaders who will uphold democratic values, Americans living locally have generously funded a 4-week billboard campaign up and down the Island, starting August 15. The billboard campaign targets the estimated 25,000 eligible US voters living and working on Vancouver and the Gulf Islands. The purpose of the billboards is to urge all U.S and Dual citizens to vote in the midterm elections back in the States. A digital billboard is planned for the Pat Bay Highway.  Another digital board is on the highway in Duncan and a third large poster board will go up in Nanaimo. Voters are asked to request their absentee ballot using the website The user-friendly website allows U.S citizens to register, re-register or request their absentee ballots in minutes.  It’s never been more important—and it couldn’t be easier—for U.S citizens living abroad to vote!