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For all media inquiries, please contact Giles Hogya, Chapter Chair or +1 877-336-2008

DA Victoria and the Islands (DAVI) is a chapter of DA Canada, the official country committee for US Democrats living in Canada.

We reach out to US citizens to encourage them to vote in US elections by helping them register to vote and keeping them informed on issues important to all of us. We also have lots of opportunities for anyone who wants to volunteer to help with our Get Out the Vote efforts!

MSNBC American voters in Canada 2016

In 2016, 23% of Americans living abroad did not vote due to feeling disengaged with the U.S. and their local communities. The world is engaged watching the tragic way COVID has been handled and with the scenes of racial injustice happening on the streets of the U.S. - it is not an acceptable response in 2020 to say you're disengaged!

  • If you file your 1040s, FBARs & FATCAs with the IRS but don't exercise your constitutional right to vote, you are agreeing to taxation without representation.
  • If you want to put an end to Citizenship Based Taxation, it's going to take your vote to retain the House and secure the Senate.
  • If you vote from NY stop presuming your vote isn't needed - how often has the NY State Assembly been controlled by the R's?
  • If you wish to see racial & social justice in our communities you must vote as far down-ballot as permissible.
  • If all registered Florida voters living in Canada in 2000 had voted, they could've changed the outcome of the election.

Hundreds of American citizen volunteers across Canada are working to educate all eligible U.S. voters on their right to vote and how to get their ballots to vote in every election. That includes Canadians who were born in the U.S. and those born in Canada to an American parent(s), who therefore have the right to vote. Americans living in Canada CAN deliver the difference in close elections.

Go to today to register for your ballot.

Past DAVI events include the Women's Marches at Centennial Square, Tax Seminars, Fourth of July parties, Thanksgiving dinners, Election and Debate Watch parties, voter registration events, and pub meet-ups.

Please check our Events page and News page for more information about these events as well as notices of future events.

We also post voter and event information as well as current political news on social media. Please follow our Facebook page and SHARE the information!

If you have questions or would like to help with Democrats Abroad in Victoria and the Islands, please contact us.

Democratically yours,

Giles Hogya, Chapter Chair
Democrats Abroad - Victoria

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DA Victoria Leadership:

Giles Hogya
| Member at Large - DA Canada Victoria Chapter, Past Chapter Chair / Past Country Chair
Jon Scheer
| Treasurer - DA Canada Victoria Chapter
Jena Magnus
| Secretary - DA Canada Victoria Chapter
James Ham
| Vice Chair - DA Canada Victoria Chapter
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  • News

    2020 DAVI AGM - Minutes

    The minutes from the 2020 DAVI AGM, held on March 31, 2020 (online only) are posted below. Thanks to all who attended!

    March 31, 2020

    1. Call Meeting to Order: 1505 [3:05pm]

    Present: Heidi Burch - Chair
    James Ham - Vice-Chair
    Jon Scheer - Treasurer
    Jena Magnus - Secretary
    Penelope Hocking - Member-at-large
    Patricia Kostek - Member-at-large
    Jonathan Holiff
    Kevin Brown
    Mat Small
    Orion Carrier
    Whitney Laughlin

    The Chair welcomed the attendees & thanked everyone for the attendance.
    Chair provided a walk through on the use of the webex program.

    2. Approval of the AGM Agenda: Jena moved to approve agenda, seconded by Pat Kostek.

    3. Report from the chapter chair on 2019 activities:

    • DAVI hosted 8 well attended primary debate watch nights.

    • DAVI hosted a July 4th celebration on July 4.

    • The US Thanksgiving Pot Luck was very successful & enjoyed by all.

    • The chapter again hosted the US tax seminar. Well attended & successful fund raising event.

    • The Chair hosted a phone banking tutorial attended by 3.

    • The DAVI chapter sponsored & presented a Global Presidential Primary Polling station Mar. 7 at the Knox Presbyterian Church.

      • DAVI had 125 ballots cast: 62 for Sanders, 57 for Biden, 2 for Warren & 5 spoiled ballots.

      • Final overall DA results: 57.9% Sanders, 22% Biden.

      • 13 elected DA Delegates: 9 for Sanders, 4 for Biden.

    • The DA convention & delegate selection will be online this year in May due to the pandemic.

    • University of Victoria outreach: We’ve been approached by a UVic student group who want to do GOTV for the Nov General Election. They originally got together to support Bernie Sanders’s candidacy, but now wish to become a DA Club and do GOTV for the Nov election. Heidi is working with the organizer, Calvin Simpson, to take the necessary steps.

      • DAVI can only host events & GOTV activities on campus if a club is certified by UVIC. To be certified the club requires 10 members.

      • Covid 19 has curtailed any campus activities until further notice.

    • Main GOTV activity will be phonebanking our membership & other key races.

      • New people need training.

      • Current volunteers will need updates regarding changes to the CallHub system

      • We encourage all overseas voters to use to register to vote and request their ballots

      • Chair encourages all DA members to go to for sign up instructions and phonebanking training

      • We will do a big push in Sept & Oct, and hope to do more, depending on funding. Also DA is setting up phonebanking campaigns in April as everyone is home due to coronavirus.

    • Fundraising: all DAVI funds go only to GOTV activities, chapter events & community outreach.

    • Social media outreach: additional assistance with the Chapter’s social media accounts needed especially during this pandemic response. Chair requested members volunteer or help recruit new volunteers for DAVI’s social media.

    • Chair called for questions from the floor.

      • How will we obtain training for April phonebanking?

        • The DA website has online training modules & videos at: The training is available 24/7.

        • Heidi will arrange another live training session when able.

    4. Approval of minutes from previous AGM [March 17, 2019]

    • Chair asked for questions or corrections for the minutes of our last AGM.

      • None received, but J. Holiff sent a chat message requesting a copy of the 2019 AGM Minutes be sent to him after the meeting.

      • Chair moved to adopt minutes, Vice Chair seconded. Motion passed.

    5. Approval of treasurer report:

    • Account balance: Mar. 1, 2019. $ 706.59

    • Account balance: Feb. 29, 2020. $ 1,791.27

    • Expenditures: $ 663.25

    • Deposits: $ 1,747.93

    • Two tax seminars within 12 months boosted the final balance.

    • GOTV activities will be the major expenditure expected in 2020.

    6. Membership Report:

    • Chair presented report for the membership secretary.

    • Membership is up from Feb. 2019 despite losing members in the verification process.

    • Over 135 new members joined DAVI in Feb. & Mar. 2020.

      • People joined to vote in the GPP

    • There is a Nanaimo DAVI sub-group of 5 formed in June 2019.

      • Focus on GOTV.

      • The group met in person until the pandemic response. Now keeping in touch via email.

      • Nation Builder able to create lists, groups & tasks which can help tailor our activities to specific areas of interest & location. Work is ongoing to utilize the tools available.

    7. AGM adjourned: Orion moved to adjourn, Jonathan seconded. Meeting adjourned 1550 [3:50pm]

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    2020 DAVI Notice of AGM - March 31, 2020

    To All DAVI Members:

    After you RSVP, we will send an email with the link and instructions!

    The Victoria and the Islands Chapter of Democrats Abroad (DAVI) will be holding its 2020 Annual General Meeting:

    DATE: March 31, 2020

    TIME: 3:00 PM

    PLACE: THIS IS AN ONLINE MEETING VIA WEBEX ONLY! Please RSVP (below) and we'll send an email with the link and instructions

    RSVP: Online at: or Email us at:

    Let’s Get Out the Vote for a Democratic President, win back the US Senate, increase the majority in the US House AND increase Democratic Governors and State Legislatures all over the US!

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    Upcoming Events

    Tuesday, September 29, 2020 at 08:30 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada) · 333 rsvps
    Online via the Zoom platform in Windsor, ON, Canada

    Canada & Chapters Presidential Debate Watch Party

    Biden + Trump Debate


     Democrats Abroad Canada and our 14 chapters are hosting a virtual Presidential Debate Watch Party

     Tuesday, Sept. 29th 2020, 8:30pm EDT

     The debate is scheduled 9:00pm – 10:30pm EDT

     A one-hour post-debate discussion will follow

     14 individual Watch Parties In one Zoom location!!

    Each chapter of DemsAbroad Canada will host a virtual debate watch party for their chapter members.

    By pre-registering, guests will be pre-assigned to their chapter’s breakout room. Chapter leaders will host and moderate chat discussions during the debate and afterwards, guests are invited back to the main meeting room for a post-debate discussion.

    The debate will not be broadcast over Zoom. There are multiple channels for viewing the debate and avoids any technical disappointments.

    Throughout the debate you’ll have the opportunity to express your opinions to candidate statements through polling and “chat” with fellow chapter members.

    You must RSVP for Zoom access details