DA France Leaders Head to Washington, DC

Our annual Global DPCA (Democratic Party Committee Abroad or, simply, Democrats Abroadmeeting will take place in a few days in Washington, DC. France will be well-represented by your elected officers and Voting Representatives, either in-person or via Webex.  You can find more info on the 2019 Global Meeting here.

During the meeting our very own France Environment Policy Group will present a Resolution on Renewable Energy, drafted by Dana Powers and Jim Christiansen and submitted by DNC member Connie Borde.  A model of expertise in the area of renewable energy, this Resolution, if voted on, will provide an excellent springboard for our 2020 Democrats Abroad Platform, the document that lays out the goals of Democrats Abroad and defines who and what the Democratic Party is and stands for.

For the list of resolutions to be considered by the DPCA leadership click here.  In addition to the Resolution on Renewable Energy, there is also a Resolution in Support of the New Green Deal being proposed.

Thanks to all of our leaders and members who will travel to Washington, DC to represent Democrats Abroad France.  International interaction, with Democrats Abroad France playing a leading role, is vital for the life of a Party – and this Party is alive and well and ready to win in 2020.  

Another important part of this annual meeting is to communicate the process and decisions made there to our membership, with the goals of:

  • Offering transparency in our party and our work
  • Informing members on how we work and what our priorities are
  • Inspiring new volunteers to step up so they can participate next time.
  • Showing the many personalities and the fun side of Democrats Abroad!

Watch our DA France social media platforms for updates on who is there and what is being discussed.  You can find us on