May 06, 2024

DA France April Newsletter

Every month, Democrats Abroad France brings you need-to-know news, events, and information.

In this edition:

  • Our Annual General Meeting
  • News That Didn't Make the Headlines
  • Register & Request Your Ballot! AND an Easy Way to Spread the Word
  • A Party for the Party in Honor of Joe Smallhoover
  • Run to be a Democratic National Convention Delegate!
  • Help Dems Abroad Write Our 2024 Platform
  • Volunteer With Us!
  • It's Us against MAGA: Our Dollars Will Make the Difference
  • Events: Join Us in Person & Online

Our Annual General Meeting!

Join us for our DA France Annual General Meeting, held in person in Paris and online via Zoom Tuesday, April 9th, from 6:30pm to 8pm. 

Special Guest Speaker: Political strategist and elections forecaster Rachel Bitecofer, who you regularly see on TV, will join us via Zoom.

We’ll talk about how to get involved in this campaign season, helping Get Out the Vote in the critical 2024 elections at the federal, state, and local levels. 

We'll also be reviewing our activities of the past year and voting on some minor bylaws changes. We’ll adopt the minutes from our 2023 AGM, which you can read here.

News that Didn't Make the Headlines

Have a student loan? Democrats have your back! The Biden-Harris Administration’s first attempt at student debt forgiveness for 40 million Americans was struck down by a shocking and lawless Supreme Court decision, but the Administration’s second attempt at delivering this relief is now making its way through the courts. In the meantime, the Biden-Harris Administration has implemented a new income-driven student loan repayment plan, lowering payments for millions of borrowers. The Administration has also fixed existing programs for student loan forgiveness and is taking aim at for-profit universities. Read more about these success stories here.

Register & Request Your Ballot!
AND an Easy Way to Spread the Word

If you’ve read our newsletters recently, hopefully you’ve already registered and requested your ballot for the 2024 elections by going to Last month, we asked you to go a step further and become a Get Out The Vote Agent by making sure all your American friends and family are ready to vote. 

Here’s an email message you can copy and paste, then send far and wide, encouraging recipients to send it along to their contacts. With person-to-person outreach, we can reach a huge part of the American community in France! This message points to and is non-partisan, so it can be sent to all American citizens. Personalize as you see fit:

Subject: Are you ready to vote in 2024?

Hi X, 

Are you ready to vote in 2024? If you have not yet done so, please go to to register and request your ballot today. (The process takes about 5 to 7 minutes to complete.) US citizens abroad have to request their ballot every election year, and it's vital to do it early. If you need help, contact [email protected], or call or text OH GOD VOTE (+33 6 44 63 86 83). Please share this reminder with all your American family, friends, and colleagues living outside the US!


Need ballot assistance? Our trained voter assistance team is standing by! Email us at [email protected], call or text us at 07-555-FRDEM (07 55 53 73 36), or drop in on one of our online voter assistance sessions.

We are excited to announce a Democrats Abroad France Party fundraiser in Paris on Saturday, April 20th, to honor Joe Smallhoover’s retirement from the Democratic National Committee after twenty years of service. Please join us in honoring Joe and his extraordinary contributions to our party.

Run to be a DNC Delegate in Chicago!

The application period for delegates to the 2024 Democratic National Convention in Chicago is now open. Democrats Abroad will send 21 delegates to the convention. Interested in being a delegate? Go here for more information, and check back on that page for the dates of upcoming informational sessions. All DA members are welcome to run to be a delegate.

Help Dems Abroad Write Our 2024 Platform

We invite you to actively shape the 2024 Democrats Abroad Platform, which embodies our shared aspirations, values, and concerns. Our dedicated members are currently drafting the 2024 Platform, with input from thousands of Democrats Abroad members worldwide. To give direct, written input into the Platform-drafting process, please fill out this survey, or join us at one of three Town Hall meetings taking place this week:

Town Hall Meeting #1: Saturday, April 6, 1am-2am CET
Town Hall Meeting #2: Saturday, April 6, 2pm-3pm CET
Town Hall Meeting #3: Sunday, April 7, 11am-12pm CET

Want to help Americans abroad vote to keep The Former Guy out of office, protect democracy, and retake the House so we can accomplish even more of the progressive Biden-Harris agenda? Fill out this form, and we’ll contact you to let you know all the ways you can help. 

One great way to help is to join our phonebanking team. Phonebanking is an important way to make a difference this year. It’s easy and free, and you can do it from your home computer on your own time. We’re calling our members in France to make sure that they’re registered and ready to vote. We get a lot of people thanking us for the call! 

We’re holding regular Zoom sessions where our phonebankers get together for support. Join us from 6pm to 7pm on Wednesday April 3, Wednesday April 10, Wednesday April 17, or Thursday April 25.

Every time the Democrats uphold our values, and every time the previous Oval Office occupant utters a dangerous, authoritarian remark, more and more Americans abroad are realizing the stakes--even though we're 7+ months away from Election Day.

The result? Small groups around France are meeting and texting, making plans to set up voter registration tables or attend networking events to pass out our Vote From Abroad cards. New members are joining every day. We remember how OUR votes from abroad in 2020 swung the election for President Biden in Georgia and Arizona--two of the three critical swing states--and we know we have even more Americans here in France than we did back then. 

The election may be months away, but we already need money: advertising on social and traditional media, phonebanking, and printing cards to hand out, like chapters are doing right this minute.

We need funds to support those volunteers. We need to register voters now, build our volunteer base, and find Americans. We need your money all year long, but money NOW is more valuable than money in October.

When the votes are tallied in November, and everyone sees how OUR votes made the difference, our influence grows, and our priorities get addressed. 

To donate to DA France, please click here. Please consider giving as a monthly sustaining donor: These investments, big or small, help us immensely as they allow us to budget for the rest of the year. 

We’re very grateful for your donation! 

Join Us In Person and Online!

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