Democrats Abroad Japan Fall 2019 Primary Fundraising Campaign

For the October 2019 - March 2020 Period

The Current Situation 

  • There are 50,000 United States Citizens living in Japan, but only ~3,100 are Democrats Abroad Japan (DAJ) Members. 
  • Of those ~3,100 members, fewer than 5% are actively volunteering, and resources for the activists to run training sessions and engage membership are insufficient. 
  • Democrats Abroad Japan has major obligations and plans that need funding, in particular, we must stage the Global Presidential Primary, which needs polling stations, advertising, and GoTV. 
  • The DAJ National Bank Account was below $500 in funds after membership certification. 

Proposed Budget

Our administration is very transparent about how money is spent, and you can publicly check our national ledger at any time. Here’s how your donation will help:

  • We currently plan to open three polling stations on Honshuu, one in each of the population centers of Kanto (Tokyo), Kansai (Osaka), and Tokai (Nagoya). In 2016 we registered hundreds of new members on polling day, and with more funding, we hope to triple those gains by hosting voting centers in more areas next year. 
  • Print Advertising - The Japan Times, Stars and Stripes, and American Chamber of Commerce in Japan have many readers both online and in deliverables, for both primary and general elections. 
  • Phone Banking - These are campaigns all members can easily engage in.
  • Debates and Event Hosting - By being able to subsidize the cost of food and attendance, we can reach younger members who have more time than money to donate. 
  • Operating Expenses - Keeping in physical communication helps keep our activists dedicating their time. 

National ExCom Donation Matching

The National ExCom has offered to match all bank-transfer donations made from today through December 27th, 2019, up to a maximum of 500,000 yen. All donations can be verified through our national ledger. 

Progress toward goal after several generous online donations and donations in person at the Oct 20th Policy Forum

If you can help fund our primaries and these goals, see the attached bank transfer form and take care and grow your local Democratic Party branch today! We truly appreciate it!

Wire Transfer Information

Bank Account Details 

Account Name: DAJ
Bank Name: Mizuho Bank みずほ銀行
Branch: Branch 044 Shirogane 白金出張所*
Account Type: Normal Account 普通 - Futsuu
Account Number: #1524323 銀行口座番号
Amount Example: 100,000円   

Confirm that the final name on the account summary shows DAJ or member #3453405 before sending money. 

Please e-mail National Treasurer Dave Brauer with your name and confirmation that you are an American Citizen along with your donation. For donations over $200 please also include your employer or status as student/working in the home/retired/unemployed so that we can track donations consistent with Federal Election Commission rules, or click here to go to our online donation form.

E-Mail Address: [email protected]

 *If Shirokane Shuchosho does not show up or the confirmation is incorrect, attempt the parent branch Hiroo 広尾支店 for the transfer.