Germany-Wide Silent Protest Against Racism

Please note that these are not DA events, that we are not working or coordinating with event organizers, and that we thus cannot vouch for the content or safety precautions of each event. However, the event organizers have registered all the events with the local governments.

The Silent Protest is an organized initiative in which the participants remain silent for a certain time. It is a form of civil disobedience and resistance and will be used to express their solidarity with the US protest movement and the worldwide victims of racism.

Please wear a black shirt.


City Date Time Meet Up Location
ALTENKIRCHEN! 6-Jun-20 2:00 PM Marktplatz
AUGSBURG! 6-Jun-20 2:00 PM Alte Augsburger Sporthalle
BERLIN!  6-Jun-20 2:00 PM Alexanderplatz
Cologne 6-Jun-20 1:00 PM Deutzer Werft Koln
DORTMUND!  6-Jun-20 4:00 PM Hansaplatz
Düsseldorf 6-Jun-20 2:00 PM DGB-Jugend Düsseldorf/Bergisch Land, Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 34, 40210 Düsseldorf
FLENSBURG! 6-Jun-20 2:00 PM Hafenspitze
HAMBURG!  6-Jun-20 2:00 PM Jungfernstieg (Flaggenplatz)
HANNOVER!  6-Jun-20 2:00 PM Am Opernplatz
KARLSRUHE! 6-Jun-20 2:00 PM Schlossplatz
LIPPSTADT! 6-Jun-20 2:00 PM Rathausplatz
MANNHEIM! 6-Jun-20 2:00 PM Schloss
MÜNCHEN!  6-Jun-20 3:00 PM Königsplatz
NÜRNBERG! 6-Jun-20 1:00 PM Wöhrder Wiese
OSNABRÜCK!  6-Jun-20 2:00 PM Schlossgarten, Osnabrück
STUTTGART!  6-Jun-20 2:00 PM Oberer Schlossgarten

More information can be found on Instagram.


Take part in the virtual vigil plus shareable graphics for social media.