Demand Gun Control Now

Sensible gun control legislation is important to Americans abroad, regardless of where we live. To help us raise our voices, the Comms team and Congressional call team are working together to roll out call scripts and Tweet samples for a united Call and Tweet storm. The scripts will be out and posted very shortly!

Virginia and New Jersey elections are coming up soon and we’re delighted to be working with both governor candidate campaigns.  Do keep an eye out for upcoming news stories and videos from these candidates.

Many thanks to Carmelan Polce for her excellent taxation advocacy webinar last Friday! The team also composed a letter to the Senate Finance Committee regarding DA’s stance on overseas taxation reform. The DNC hand delivered that letter for us on Monday, prior to the Tax Reform Hearings on October 3rd.

Next up – the Tax team and volunteers from the Comms team are working on a Tax Reform Campaign in a box. It’s an extension of this summer’s RBT campaign in a box, and includes talking points, call scripts, and sample email and postcard scripts.

Mark your calendars
 “Give to Win” fundraising month begins – October 9th
Women’s Caucus hosts Emily’s List - November 2nd