January 31, 2023

DAG National Elections 2023

DA Germany 2023 Elections


These are the results of the 2023 DA Germany Election, held on March 25. The NEC would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all candidates, voters and volunteers who participated.

  • Chair: Kenton Emery Barnes (m)
  • Vice Chair: Emily Lines (f)
  • Secretary: Shari Temple
  • Treasurer: Powen Shiah
  • Academic Outreach Coordinator: Stephen Foose
  • Advertising Coordinator: Angela Fobbs
  • Caucus Coordinator: Kaili Morris
  • Chapter Development Coordinator: Matt LeMieux
  • Communications Coordinator: Nicole Gross
  • Events & Fundraising Coordinator: Karena Detweiler
  • Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Coordinator: Teresa Ritterhoff
  • Membership & IT Coordinator: Cliff Stuehmer
  • Press Coordinator: Pegi Jones
  • DPCA Voting Representatives:
    • Constance Chucholowski (f)
    • Angela Fobbs (f)
    • Christian J. Gross (m)
    • Antar Keith (m)
    • Kaitlyn Kennedy (f)
    • Malaika Kusumi (f)
    • Mark Neel (m)
    • Teresa Ritterhoff (f)
    • Powen Shiah (m)
    • Cliff Stuehmer (m)
    • Carl Landon Taylor (m)
    • Shari Temple (f)
    • Jennifer von Estorff (f)
    • Quaide Williams (m)
      • Alternate: Karena Detweiler (f)
      • Alternate: Stephen Foose (m)
      • Alternate: Ann Hesse (f)
      • Alternate: Daniel Hoever-Eckardt (m) 


DA Germany holds elections for new officers in the first quarter of every odd-number year. This includes positions at the local chapter level and the Germany national level.

All local chapter elections are held before the national elections.

Below, you will find an overview of the national elections.

National Elections

National elections will be held in person and online during the 2023 DA Germany Annual General Meeting on March 25-26, 2023. To participate in the election, one must be a member of DA Germany. The deadline to RSVP for the election will be 11:00am on March 25, 2023.

More information about the event is here.

National Election Rules & Procedures

The election rules are defined in the DA Germany Bylaws and the DA Germany National Election Rules. National-level elections are facilitated by a neutral, three-member Nominations and Election Committee (NEC) of the DA Germany ExCom. No members of the NEC were seeking national-level office themselves.

If you have any questions, please send to the 2023 Nominations and Elections Committee at [email protected].

National Positions

See Job Descriptions for all positions here.

DA rules state that our Chair and Vice Chair must be different genders, and no gender can make up more than half plus one of the full delegation of DPCA Voting Reps. We've asked candidates their gender and have included it for candidates for the relevant positions: (m) male, (f) female, (n) non-binary.

The available roles are:

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Academic Outreach Coordinator
  • Advertising Coordinator
  • Caucus Coordinator
  • Chapter Development Coordinator
  • Communications Coordinator
  • Events & Fundraising Coordinator
  • Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Coordinator
  • Membership & IT Coordinator
  • Press Coordinator
  • DPCA Voting Representative (14 elected positions, 4 alternates)

Nomination and Candidate Statement forms closed at 12:01pm on February 27, 2023. Members may still declare their candidacy or be nominated by someone else from the floor during the election on March 25. If you wish to write a Letter of Endorsement for one of the candidates, please fill out the Letter of Endorsement Form.

Early nominees are listed in alphabetical order by surname.

The Early Nominees are:

  • CHAIR: Kenton Emery Barnes (M)
  • VICE CHAIR: Emily Lines (F)
  • SECRETARY: Shari Temple
  • TREASURER: Powen Shiah
  • MEMBERSHIP & IT COORDINATOR: Sabrina Gren, Cliff Stuehmer
    • Angela Fobbs (F)
    • Stephen Foose (M)
    • Karen Frankenstein (F)
    • Christian Gross (M)
    • Ann Hesse (F)
    • Daniel Hoever-Eckardt (M)
    • Antar Keith (M)
    • Kaitlyn Kennedy (F)
    • Malaika Kusumi (F)
    • Kaili Morris (F)
    • Mark Neel (M)
    • Teresa Ritterhoff (F)
    • Powen Shiah (M)
    • Carl Landon Taylor (M)
    • Shari Temple (F)
    • Jennifer von Estorff (F)
    • Quaide Williams (M)

There will be two Meet the Candidates sessions. All early candidates are invited to speak at these events. They will be held on Wednesday, March 15, at 7pm and Sunday, March 19, at 2pm. If a candidate cannot attend, they are allowed to send a surrogate who may speak on their behalf.

Click 'read more' below to see Candidate Statements and Letters of Endorsement.


Candidate Statements, Photos and Letters of Endorsement

The early candidates were given the option to submit a candidate statement and a photo. The submission deadline for a statement to be posted in this section was noon on Feb. 27.

Chair Candidates

Kenton Emery Barnes

My name is Kenton Barnes, and I hope to be re-elected as chair of Democrats Abroad Germany.  I was elected in 2021 on a platform of fostering transparency, revitalizing our caucuses, expanding our ExCom, creating standing, and ad hoc committees for specific purposes, and mobilizing our membership for the 2022 midterm elections. While some of my goals have been realized, others have not.  With our treasurer a budgent was drafted and implement so that throughouht DAG, funds could be better mangaged. I named three new at-large coordinators: academic outreach, advertising, and caucus, who are dedicated to reaching both members and non-members concerning their right to vote, to involve them in policy- or interest-bsed caucuses. A new standing committee was created to modify and update our bylaws. We also were successful in becoming a Verein, giving us certain priviliges we did not have before. 

However, I was not able to accopmlish all of my goals, which is the main reason I would like to be re-elected. With the 2024 presidential elction on the horizon, there is much work to be done. To this end, I hope to get more of our current members active and engaged. I hope to find innovative ways to reach both members and non-members to inform and educate them about the importance of voting. Furthermore, I hope to identify and train the next generation of DAG leaders. 

Therefore, I ask that you give me the chance to continue to lead you  for the next two years. With your help, I am sure that these goals can become realities.  There is much work to do, and with your support, I am ready to take on the challenges, seen and unforseen, so that we can be successful .

Letters of Endorsement

"I am writing to express my support of Kenton Barnes for a second term as DAG Chair.  In my previous and current capacities as a DAG volunteer, local precint leader, chapter board member and chapter chair, I have worked with Kenton across a broad range of activities and initiatives in DAG, and have gotten to know him and his professional capabilities.  In all of these situations, his leadership and professionalism have always shown through.  Kenton's naturally composed leadership style has been crucial in handling situations that were difficult, rife with differing opinions and perspectives.  Despite some potentially tricky situations, Kenton has always managed to find a way to communicate and work with DAG stakeholders of all kinds, finding and delivering what everyone needs, when they need it.  Be it a word of encouragement, an act of kindness, an extra push or challenge, Kenton successfully relies upon his experience to identify what is needed to properly motivate an individual or group so that the organization can make the right step forward.  Based on this experience of working with Kenton in a wide array of contexts, I am confident that he is the correct person to lead us onward as we approach the 2024 elections.

-Jonah Otto

Chapter Chair, Munich & Southern Bavaria"

"I wholeheartedly endorse Kenton Barnes's re-election as Democrats Abroad Germany (DAG) Chair. Kenton is an open and collaborative leader. He listens to the opinions of others and takes advice. He always seeks opportunities to improve DAG and our outreach and unite us.

The more I work with Kenton, the more I like and appreciate him as a friend and a leader. I am so glad that he is running for Chair again. With his experience as Vice-Chair in 2020 and the experience he gained in the 2022 midterms, Kenton is ready to lead us through the 2024 Presidential Elections.

Kenton is excellent with the media and has represented DAG and Americans living abroad well when being interviewed. Additionally, he is a brilliant person who is also a lot of fun. I can think of no one better for the position.

I urge all members to vote for him in the upcoming elections.

Angela Fobbs

Wiesbaden-Mainz Chapter Chair

DA Germany Advertising Coordinator"

"Kenton Barnes hasn’t just been a friend of mine for the past several years, he has earned my respect as a talented and inspiring leader. We’ve been roommates during global meetings, we’ve visited each other’s houses, and we’ve celebrated Pride together. So I would be voting for him for DAG Chair anyway – because I like him. But I think the members of DAG should support him, too, because he has been a fantastic Chair and he has created a great relationship with his Vice Chair Emily Lines. The two of them make a great team, and we would be very lucky to have them serve another two-year term together, through the coming Presidential election cycle.

Kenton’s leadership style is very inclusive. He is quite capable of making tough decisions, but he does it after careful consideration and after seeking the advice and council of others.

Kenton is willing to try new things and has many good novel ideas of his own, but he is also interested in speaking to and learning from DA leaders from before his time.

Most important among Kenton’s leadership traits in our volunteer-run organization is his ability to deal with other people, with other volunteers. Though he expects a certain level of professionalism from us all, he respects our volunteers and their service. He appreciates the many sacrifices they are making for our organization – and he shows it.

Kenton deserves our respect for the job he has done over the past several years, especially the last two years as DAG Chair, and he deserves our votes to elect him to a second two-year term leading up to the 2024 elections. Please join me in supporting Kenton Barnes as DAG Chair.

Quaide Williams

Former DAG Chair and DAG Vice Chair

DPCA Voting Representative"

Vice Chair Candidates

Emily Lines

Since 2021, it has been a great opportunity to serve as Vice Chair of Democrats Abroad Germany (DAG) and I would be honored to be re-elected for another two years. As we finally come out of the lockdown days of the pandemic, I want to take these next two years to help re-invigorate DAG. One way I would like to do this is by supporting our 14 chapters. I hope to participate in chapter events and meet with more members in-person. If elected, I would work with the DAG Chair to organize in-person meet and greets. The objective of these events would be to share more information about how to get involved and identify volunteers that will help us carry out our important work in 2024. We have a lot of work ahead of us so we can maintain control of the White House and get more Democrats in control at the national and state levels.

Another reason why I want to grow our volunteer and leadership base so that we have more people leading DAG. The more individuals we have that are actively involved and sharing the work to get out the vote, the more successful and sustainable we can be as an organization. Therefore, I would like to take these next two years to encourage more people to become active volunteers and work to make DAG even more accessible to all members.

In the past, I have served as the DAG Events & Fundraising Coordinator, DPCA Voting Representative, Vice Chair of the Berlin Chapter, and founding member and Chair of the Global Asian American & Pacific Islander Caucus. As Vice Chair, I hope to continue to help build our DA community and give more people the chance to make a difference from abroad.

Letters of Endorsement

"I gladly endorse Emily Lines as Democrats Abroad Germany Vice Chair. Emily has been a confident, reassuring presence in my entire tenure in Democrats Abroad. She has performed admirably in roles at the chapter and national level, from chapter vice chair, to Events & Fundraising Coordinator, to Vice Chair.

Emily has a deep knowledge of the Democrats Abroad organization from the chapter to the international level. She also founded and is the co-chair of the Democrats Abroad Asian American and Pacific Islander American (AAPI) Caucus, working at the international level on advocacy and events focusing on the AAPI community.

When I am unsure about something in Democrats Abroad, Emily is almost always the first person I ask. Emily also has excellent technical skills, and if I could hire her at work as a meeting moderator, I would. She is well-organized and works well to coordinate complex tasks, such as the Oktoberfest fundraiser and any number of our workshops and events. She is an asset to the organization and therefore I look forward to her second term as Vice Chair."

Aileen Dinin

Secretary Candidates

Shari Temple

Letters of Endorsement

I self-nominated myself since there were no candidates for this important role of DA Germany Secretary. I have served in this role before and I'm willing to serve again. Should someone be willing to take on the role, I may withdraw.

Treasurer Candidates

Powen Shiah

Letters of Endorsement

"Dear fellow members of Democrats Abroad Germany, I’m running again for Treasurer and DPCA Voting Representative. Our work in building a sustainable and effective organization for Americans in Germany isn’t done yet: I’m asking for your vote and support to build on the last two years.

I’d love to hear from you: [email protected]

Find out more about me: http://vote.powen.net

I’ve been living in Berlin and active in Democrats Abroad since 2014 holding leadership roles on the local, national, and international levels.

- Germany Treasurer: 2021-2023

- DPCA voting representative: 2019-2023

- Global AAPI Caucus steering committee: Since 2020

- Berlin Chapter Media & Communications officer: 2015-2021

As Germany treasurer, voting representative, and active Executive Committee member, I’ve rolled out new digital tools and processes to help us work and plan together better, more transparently.

  1. Monthly written & oral financial updates at Executive Committee meetings
  2. Adopted new, more compliant donation reporting and reimbursement systems
  3. Developed and implemented new annual country committee budget
  4. Introduced expense request and spending tracking
  5. Served on Bylaws committee
  6. Helped establish DAG as a legal entity (e.V.)

Since I first started organizing for racial justice and LGBTQ rights in college, I’ve strived to put my politics in my practice. I always think about

- how to include more people in progressive movements,

- how organizational structures can better serve our values, and

- how to improve transparency and lower barriers to participation.

What does this mean? I grasp complex topics, break them down, and communicate clearly, from Federal Election Commission rules to party platform processes. As Treasurer and Voting Representative, I’ll continue working with members, voters, and volunteers, whether they bring decades of experience or are just getting involved.

Let’s build a long-term, sustainable Democrats Abroad Germany together!"Former DA-Germany Chair & Vice Chair"

Academic Outreach Coordinator Candidates

Stephen Foose

Advertising Outreach Coordinator

Angela Fobbs

I am running for Advertising Coordinator. I have been planning and developing adverting for DAG since 2019. I have created numerous advertising campaigns for the DAG on multiple digital and analog platforms. DA Global Advertising used my themes for the global 2022 advertising campaign. Some examples of my work include our wildly successful "Dem-o-cats Abroad" video. (https://youtu.be/bnMmZh9EbQs) and the "What do you wish for in 2022" video (https://youtu.be/BIqwujqIm0g). I created both videos with other DAG members and am thankful for their participation.

In the next term, in cooperation with other members, we must branch out to new digital platforms and analog advertising areas. Democrats have more Senate seats up for election in 2024, and we need to win the house back. We need to find our voters where they are and not assume that what we have done in the past is adequate. We need to expand our outreach to Americans in Germany. The 2024 election is crucial for our democracy, our rights, and climate action. 

Vote for me if you want to win 2024.

Caucus Coordinator

Kaili Morris

For the past two years I have had the pleasure of navigating the new possition of Caucus Coordinator. I have met many dedicated volunteers and been contacted by new people eager to get involved. I would love to continue in this role and work to bridge the gap between chapters and caucuses if elected for a new term. Additionally, I would like to be considered for DPCA voting rep to help me stay involved with the larger goals of DA and connect with more people at the global level in order to connect new volunteers to caucuses, teams, and committees working to do valuable theme based work for different communities in the Democratic Party.

Chapter Development Coordinator

Allegra Grunberg

Letters of Endorsement

"Self Endorsement For Profile:

Allegra has a background in political and behavioral science and education tech. Allegra previously helped launch The Decision Lab, ContinuTech LCT, and has worked on Capitol Hill, for New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, at the FDNY Headquarters, and for Celinda Lake, at the top Democratic polling firm Lake Research Partners. Her motto is learn, challenge and thrive. Learn about your current systems, pinpoint opportunities for improvement, challenge the status quo, and build innovations that allow society and the individual to thrive. Allegra is excited to run for the Chapter Development Coordinator and would love to support the Democratic party via her history of building relationships with people and groups to secure support and funding to grow organizations from the ground up.

As Buckminster Fuller once said, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

"I have worked with Allegra for about a year at ContinuTech. Ever since I’ve known Allegra she has been an ambitious and innovative humanitarian, and an advocate for growing systems, organizations, and groups that bolster humanity and Democracy. Allegra thrives in unpredictable environments, steers projects and streamlines organization's processes to optimize performance. She is a caring and enthusiastic person and enjoys leading the charge to unite and motivate teams and companies.

 I believe Allegra would be the best Chapter Development Coordinator because her entire career has entailed building relationships with people and groups to secure support and funding to grow organizations from the ground up. With a background in political and behavioral science and education tech, Allegra focuses on adopting systemic approaches to individual and organizational development to incentivize and enable collaboration, producing guardrails to protect equity and fairness and identify at-risk groups that can improve from average to excellence. Allegra is currently the founder of ContinuTech LCT, the Co- Founder of The Decision Lab, a behavioral science consulting firm, and worked for Celinda Lake, at the top Democratic polling firm Lake Research Partners. She’s also worked in politics since she was young, including, in the Office of the NYC Public Advocate in NYC, the FDNY Headquarters, on Bill de Blasio’s Mayoral Campaign and in Congressional Member Patrick Murphy’s office on Capitol Hill.

As a long term supporter of the Democratic Party, Allegra would be thrilled and honored to help raise funds, awareness, and support for Democrats Abroad. Vote for Allegra!"

Tobias Linke

Matt LeMieux

I have been a DA member since 2008. I first became active with DA in 2016 when I helped form the Münster precinct as its inaugural precinct captain. I later became the first Münster Chapter Chair, a position I held until 2021. I continue to serve as the Chapter’s vice-chair, and I am currently the DAG Chapter Development Coordinator. In the past year I have helped draft DAG’s first Chapter Operation Guidelines as well as informal Precinct Guidelines. I am running for re-election to this position for three primary reasons. 1) Over the next two years it is imperative that DAG rebuild the vibrant local communities that it had prior to the pandemic. Building a grassroots community is a perquisite to building the kind of volunteer corps we will need to 2024. 2) Rebuilding should not be a mystery. People who have already done this can and should be a valuable resource for this effort. Having helped build a precinct and chapter (Münster) from the ground up, I would like to be in a position to assist with this rebuilding effort. 3) The blueprint for rebuilding is already being built. I am currently working with a group Indiana University non-profit management students who will help point us in the right direction. I am running again for this position in order to carry out this plan, a plan that will hopefully help us rebuild and provide some fresh perspectives for doing so. I ask that you support this effort and this vision by voting for me. 

Communications Coordinator

Nicole Gross

Letters of Endorsement

"My name is Nicole Gross, I am an enthusiastic and active member of the Düsseldorf-Ruhr chapter, and I am running for the Communications Coordinator role. Over the past two years, I have been the co-coordinator for Press/Communications at a chapter level, and I look forward to the opportunity to use my experience at the national level of Democrats Abroad.

I grew up in Central Pennsylvania but vote in Silicon Valley, and I live in Dormagen, right between Düsseldorf and Cologne. I am married with a 17-year-old daughter and work as a certified translator. I am a reliable and focused person who enjoys cooperating with a vibrant team. I count my candour balanced with my sense of humor among my strengths, and am eager to accept constructive criticism.

I believe that communicating effectively with our members helps to keep them interested and motivated, and is thus ultimately essential to getting out the vote in Germany in 2024. With this in mind, I am excited to throw my hat into the ring for the role of Communications Coordinator."

"I am happy to endorse Nicole Gross for the position of Communications Coordinator for DA Germany. She and I have shared the Press/Coms role in our local Düsseldorf-Ruhr chapter these last two years, which has been a very enjoyable and enriching! Also, a very capable and reliable DAG colleague, she has been active with interviews with local press and blogs.

She knows Germany like the back of her hand and what it is like being an American expat abroad. That empathy means she can reach other Americans. Her “day job” as a professional translator means language, communication and communicating with others is in her blood.

Nicole seems to have endless energy and enthusiasm, which is very contagious to those around her.  She is well organized, creative, hardworking and a team player.  I think she would be a great leader in the role for DAG Communications Coordinator!"

Pegi Jones

"I am pleased to endorse Nicole Gross as Communications Coordinator for DA Germany. Her deep knowledge of German and American communications and social media is an asset to the organization. She shared the Press Coordinator role with Pegi on our 2021-2023 Düsseldorf-Ruhr chapter board. Her enthusiasm and energy are unparalleled, and she gladly participated in podcasts, newspaper interviews and television interviews, often searching out opportunities rather than waiting for them to come to us.

Nicole is also a qualified translator. In our chapter, she is the one with the best network - she always knows the person connected to the organization that you are looking for. I expect her to bring her incredible skill at community-building and her deep and abiding sense of fun to excel as our national Communications Coordinator."

Aileen Dinin

Events & Fundraising Coordinator

No Early Candidates

Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Coordinator

No Early Candidates

Membership & IT Coordinator

Sabrina Gren

Hi, I'm Sabrina and I have been living in Mainz since end of 2018 relocating from Maryland/DC region for work (voting in Maryland). Joining DA last year, I made the conscious decision that I need and want to take a more active role and specifically Democrats Abroad Germany. My background and current work is in Data Management so I figured Membership & IT Coordinator would be a great way to start getting my feet wet! I'm excited to contribute to the longstanding success of DA Germany and looking forward to only continuing to find ways to support all of our members.

Cliff Stuehmer

Besides helping found NCB as its Secretary, I've been active in several IT-related capacities.

I aided in GOTV efforts by preparing contact lists for chapter outreach while strictly following the data handling rules. When the DAG changed its chapter names and borders, I did the analysis of members changing chapters.  And  I nudged the chapters to refresh their web presence with updated copy and photos. 

I am a proDA IT Liaison - helping caucus Leadership activate members through event publishing and email blasts.  I contribute to acute/ongoing global member data quality initiatives.  In 2022, I tested major upgrades to VoteFromAbroad.org.  When DA IT needed a data geek to try something new in Autumn 2022, I stepped up and put in many hours developing a system, building upon and meshing with existing systems, to deliver valuable new contacts.

If elected, I will continue to do those same things, but better: I want to document our successes and failures for the next person in this role.  I have learned so much from the people around me, and whoever comes after me should benefit from this, too.

So, I plan to:

- optimize postal mailer processes
- use globally available DA IT tools and provide feedback for improvements to benefit all country committees
- share best practices among DA Germany chapters for membership data
- aim for low-stress membership count activities by spreading the work out over the year as much as possible 
- recruit a small team for load-sharing and bottleneck prevention 

We've got big results in 2024 to deliver. I look forward to working with you all to get the most mileage out of the resources available to us, and making success easier for those who come after us.

Letters of Endorsement

"I am happy to endorse Cliff Stuehmer for the Democrats Abroad Germany (DAG) at-large position of Membership and IT Coordinator.

Shortly after I took on that role in 2021, I asked Cliff if he would be my deputy coordinator.   He said yes and I am sure glad he did.   He took over full responsibility for approving all DAG new members and did that well.   In addition, he helped with other Membership and IT projects, including membership cleanup, chapter reassignments, and GOTV mailers to our members.

I have found Cliff to be 100% dependable.   He is a perfectionist which is what you need for this role.   He makes sure he understands a task thoroughly without trying to second-guess what someone is asking.  He also documents everything so that tasks are repeatable the next time.  If you ask him a question, you can be assured that if he does not know the answer, he will find out for you.

Cliff is the right person for the role of DAG Membership and IT Coordinator."

Shari Temple

"Since the founding of the Democrats Abroad North and Central Bavaria (NCB) Chapter in June 2020 and even before, during the Global Primary, Cliff Stuehmer has been an active member of our group. He served the past two years as Chapter Secretary and applied his excellent organizational skills to our day to day operations. Cliff introduced communication tools such as Mattermost to improve our internal communications in a structured manner. He introduced the use of Kanban boards to better plan more complex projects and enable project task assignment and tracking.

For our chapter, Cliff is the go to person for anything related to IT topics and his experience has helped us all to work comfortably with these tools. He is basically the helpdesk for those of us who need a bit more coaching and was responsible for solving many IT problems. He also maintains the platforms and ensures they are always updated. This is a great relief for the chapter users.

Cliff’s involvement goes far beyond the IT part of chapter operations. He regularly attends tabling events and prepares the QR codes to enable our guests to quicky access important sites. He also regularly supported GOTV events and walked people through the voter registration process. His IT knowledge and willingness to assist others has been an asset to our chapter.

That is why I am endorsing Cliff Stuehmer for the role of Membership & IT Coordinator at national level. Cliff has proven his strengths at the chapter level and can definitely build on the past work for Membership and IT and continue to improve the related processes. I urgently request that you cast your vote for Cliff."

Geoffrey Bonosevich

"Letter of Endorsement for Cliff Stuehmer for Democrats Abroad Germany, Membership & IT Coordinator

I have had the immense pleasure of working with Cliff on a variety of projects where his IT assistance was invaluable. In all cases, he was immediately responsive, reliable, very pleasant and clearly exhibited his IT expertise. As Chapter Chair, I often peppered him with IT questions – particularly regarding Nationbuilder and database issues - and list requests. He was dependably responsive and always included helpful reminders regarding GDPR policies and compliance. He always exemplified an extremely conscientious and responsible approach when handling membership data. In my voter protection work, I called on him to assist with an urgent matter involving a significant glitch in VFA and FVAP that affected the delivery of over 100 FPCAs to Fulton County Georgia. He was immediately responsive and provided invaluable assistance in determining the cause and formulating a solution. Additionally, he went way beyond providing his IT expertise to actually contacting many of the voters himself. I also repeatedly called upon Cliff to assist us with understanding various glitches in LEOs’ voter information databases and LEO online dissemination of information. In all cases, I so appreciated his responsiveness, clearly demonstrated technical expertise and professionalism.


Kate Sawyer, Chair of Frankfurt & Greater Hessen Chapter of Democrats Abroad Germany"

Press Coordinator

Pegi Jones

Hi! I am Pegi Jones! I am running for the position of Press Coordinator for Democrats Abroad Germany. 

I have been living in Germany for many decades and have been a DAG member for almost as long. I currently live in Langenfeld NRW and vote in Colorado, where I grew up. I come from a family of dyed in the wool democrats. My brother held various elected offices including Colorado Senator. Some of my early memories include me helping my mother stuffing envelopes at the Democratic Party headquarters in my hometown.

I currently hold the position of Press Coordinator for Democrats Abroad Germany, as well as a shared role of Press & Communications Officer with Nicole Gross in my Düsseldorf Ruhr chapter. A lot of the skills and know-how I use for my day job as Communications Manager in a large international company can readily be applied to the Press Coordinator role for Democrats Abroad Germany! Recent months in this role has been particularly rewarding, especially getting to know and working closely with other dedicated fellow DAG members. 

As we all are aware, 2024 will be an extremely important presidential election year! We at Democrats Abroad Germany need to reach as many US expats as possible and help ensure they vote! It’s all hands on deck! I look forward to playing my part as Press Coordinator to help us all as a team reach our important goal! 

I would be honored if you vote for me!

Letters of Endorsement

"I am thrilled to endorse Pegi Jones as Press Coordinator for DA Germany. On Election Day 2020, when our chapter in Düsseldorf-Ruhr was totally overwhelmed with press requests, Pegi stepped up to the plate, and she has been a reliable, enthusiastic, and skilled chapter volunteer since then. She shared the Press Coordinator role with Nicole Gross on our 2021-2023 chapter board. Her calm expertise when dealing with the press is much appreciated, and she brings her professional background in corporate communications to the table as well.

Once again, when there was need at the national level, Pegi stepped in last year to the press coordinator role. Her unparalleled team spirit is demonstrated by her choice to step in when needed, and serve enthusiastically. I recommend her heartily to continue in the role of national Press Coordinator."

Aileen Dinin

“I am thrilled to endorse Pegi Jones to continue in her role as Press Coordinator for DA Germany. I have shared the Press/Coms role in our local Düsseldorf-Ruhr chapter with Pegi over the last two years and worked under her at the national level during that period. Time and again, I have been impressed with her professionalism, enthusiasm, team spirit, and ability to organize the press inquiries from throughout Germany, even during the hectic 2022 Midterms. She is a calm presence in the calm of the storm, and her extensive knowledge about the German press and corporate communications from her "day job" has been truly valuable to those working with her. I believe that Pegi is a great asset to DA Germany, which is reflected in her willingness to step in and assume the DA Germany Press Coordinator role when the position became vacant in the summer of 2022. I look forward to seeing her in action, coordinating the press work of DA Germany during the election period in 2024.”

Nicole Gross


DPCA Voting Representative


Angela Fobbs (F)

Letters of Endorsement

"I am pleased to have the opportunity to endorse Angela Fobbs as a DPCA Voting Representative (VR) representing Democrats Abroad Germany (DAG).

 Angela has been actively involved with Democrats Abroad Germany since she joined DA six years ago.  In 2018, she rightfully received DAG’s Volunteer of the Year Award.

Angela is full of ideas and energy to turn those ideas into reality. 

Shortly after joining, she asked me why DA did not have a Black Caucus.  I answered that we could not find a leader and asked if she was willing.   And without any hesitation, she said she was willing to try.   I helped her through the political ropes to get it started.   From there, she made it into one of the most active caucuses within DA.   It continues to strive today due to her work in setting the foundation for it.

She’s also recommended and implemented many of the DAG advertising and outreach initiatives resulting in Germany being one of the top countries for members voting.

Angela understands DAG and understands DA Global, key attributes for representing Germany at the DPCA.

Join me in voting for Angela for one of the DAG DPCA Voting Representative positions."

Shari Temple

"I am happy to endorse Angela Fobbs for DPCA Voting Representative. Two

years ago, I took over as DAG communications coordinator after Angela

termed out, knowing that I had very large shoes to fill. Little did I

know how large! As each day goes by, my awe at the sheer amount of

work Angela has done for our organization grows, as does my

appreciation of her humility. As founder of the Global Black Caucus

and a leader in the Environment and Climate Crisis Council and Global

Women’s Caucus, Angela has consistently been a leading voice on

issues of racial justice, environmental justice, and climate activism

in our organization. These are areas where youth and progressive

voters want to see DA take bold stances. My experience with Angela as

a DPCA representative thus far has been overwhelmingly positive. I

will never forget that while lobbying on behalf of several

resolutions in 2021, Angela spent an hour on the phone with me and my

partner, Antar, listening to us and sharing her views on the

measures. We appreciated how available she made herself, while others

wouldn’t even agree to a conversation. It is important for DPCA

voting reps demonstrate a strong connection to everyday DA members in

Germany so that they remain anchored to the needs and desires of the

people they represent – not just to those of other global leaders.

Angela’s position as Wiesbaden-Mainz Region Chapter Chair clearly

shows her investment not only in global and national leadership, but

also in building up and connecting with her local community. On top

of that, Angela is a lot of fun to work with, and she makes every

meeting and encounter more enjoyable. I hope you will join me in

casting your vote for Angela for another term on the DPCA."

Kaitlyn Kennedy

Stephen Foose (M)

My name is Stephen Foose and I am running to be a DPCA voting representative. I have been a member of DAG since 2020 and have been involved in a number of different areas (as Academic Outreach Coordinator, member of the Progressive Caucus steering committee, and member of the Middle Hessen/Frankfurt chapter). Being a member of DA has helped me re-engage with and understand how important the participation of Americans living abroad is for the continuation of democratic practices within the US. As a DPCA voting rep, I would work to ensure that all issues are treated with an eye for inclusive, equitable and just consideration. I would work to ensure that any decisions to be voted on were given space for base membership to comment or share their opinions, as the position is to represent them. Without solidarity, there is no democracy.

Letters of Endorsement

“I nominated Stephen Foose for DPCA Voting Representative because he is exactly the kind of person I would want to represent me – a youth and progressive voter – at the global level. Stephen has been active in the Democrats Abroad Progressive Caucus (proDA) and in his local chapter, as well as serving as DA Germany Academic Outreach Coordinator. In my time working with Stephen through proDA and the DAG Executive Committee, he has impressed me as someone who gives a lot of thought and reflection to his decisions and listens very well to others. DPCA members are often tasked with taking votes that determine the future course of our organization. My years working with Stephen have shown that he is someone who will seek and listen to various sides of an issue before taking a vote on a critical matter. I have leaned on and valued Stephen’s wisdom and insight at various points throughout my time in DAG leadership, and I learn something new each time I speak with him, particularly from his expertise on the labor movement. Stephen’s work in academic outreach shows that he is well attuned to the needs and aspirations of youth voters – a group often under-represented in DA leadership structures. I hope you will join me in voting for Stephen for DPCA voting rep, as I believe he has the skills, values, and openness to well represent rank-and-file DA members across Germany.”

Kaitlyn Kennedy

Karen Frankenstein (F)

I’ve been volunteering with DA since 2017 – starting with the Global IT Team and adding to my “hat”
repertoire at the global level since then. This has been a fantastic experience, and I learned an incredible amount – about DA, the DNC, and the exercise and protection of American civil liberties both at home and in our unique position as Americans living abroad.

I grew up overseas – as a State Department kid, moving boxes are practically my native habitat, and voting and public service were always expected of us. Democrats Abroad has been a fantastic place to do both. I vote in Arizona, and I’ve lived in Germany since 2006.

Why run for DPCA Rep? Volunteering with so many great people across the globe, each with different ideas and goals, is inspiring. The opportunity to help get out the vote and amplify the Democratic message has been amazing. I’ve been involved in developing global-level practices and policies that allow us to reach and motivate overseas voters as a non-elected volunteer. Joining the DPCA body to help DA organize and empower our volunteers is the next step. I am passionate about representation in our organization for each of our communities and want to take my experience and observations to use and help DAG reach the 4 th largest overseas American community in the world.

DA Volunteer Summary: Global Caucus Coordinator- I work with all 11 of our global caucuses on whatever they need – events, community building, advocacy, and coordination with other teams. Global IT Team: we may have “met” via the helpdesk or on a training. Global Events Team: I manage the Global Events Zoom accounts and host team. Steering Committee for the AAPI Caucus: I do comms, graphics and anything else that needs doing!

Letters of Endorsement

"I am happy to endorse Karen Frankenstein as a DPCA Voting Representative (VR) representing Democrats Abroad Germany (DAG). 

I first met Karen in 2017 when she volunteered to be part of DA’s global IT Team.  She has been an instrumental part of the helpdesk assisting countries around the world with their IT issues. 

In addition to that critical role, Karen took over as the global caucuses coordinator role in 2020.   In that role, she has helped grow the number for global caucuses from 8 to 11 – adding the Environmental Caucus, Seniors Caucus and Disabilities Caucus.    Under Karen’s leadership, the caucuses have become an instrumental part of Democrats Abroad providing old and new members an avenue to address their specific issues.

There are several key skills and knowledge that a DPCA Voting Representative needs to possess.   These include understanding the DA global organization, be a team player, know how to negotiate, be open minded, and provide suggestions for improvements.   I’ve seen Karen demonstrate all of these skills and know she would use them if elected.

In addition, the representative needs be willing to take the time to read and understand several key documents including the DA Charter, the Delegate Selection Plan, and any proposed Resolutions.  Again, I’ve seen Karen show the interest and willingness to dig into the details and understand them.

Based on the above, I plan to vote for Karen Frankenstein to be part of the DAG Voting Representatives delegation and hope you will as well."

Shari Temple

"I first began to interact with Karen back in 2017 when I would contact the Democrats Abroad IT Helpdesk. Karen was one of the main IT volunteers that would respond to my questions and provide help with navigating the DA website. Since then, I have had the great pleasure to work with her more closely during my time as Chair of the DA Global Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Caucus. She was part of the founding group of the Global AAPI Caucus, and she continues to be a member of the Steering Committee today. In this time, Karen has also taken on the role as DA Global Caucus Coordinator and plays a main role in helping to run many of the global online DA events.

Karen is someone that I have been able to rely on and she has always been respectful, kind, and patient when working with me. She has been involved with Democrats Abroad for many years and is well aware of how this organization functions at the various levels. Her experience and knowledge with DA will help her be a great DPCA Voting Representative that members can rely upon to represent Germany and attend the global meetings."

Emily Lines, DAG Vice Chair and Chair of the Global AAPI Caucus

Christian Gross (M)

Letters of Endorsement

“Since 2019, Chris Gross has chaired the Göttingen-Hannover Region Chapter.  The first two years of his chairship brought about a surge in both membership, member engagement, and a greater presence throught the chapter by helping the precincts in Braunschweig, Hannover, and Kassel blossom. During the presidential primary, he encouraged each precinct to host polling locations, which led to greater voter engagement and membership. However, the second two years were challenging due to the Covid pandemic. Nonetheless, Chris led the successful transition from in-person meetings to online meetings. This, too, had the unforseen advantage of greater participation in meetings.  He also collaborated with other chapters to host online events such as trivia or book clubs. Even though it was a trying time, Chris always sought to keep the chapter membership engaged and excited about Democrats Abroad and about voting. In addition to his responsibilities as Chapter Chair, he also served on the ad-hoc Chapter Names and Boundaries Committee. Chris is a person who listens to his constituents and tries to represent them to the best of his ability by considering them when casting votes on the ExCom, for example. I am certain that if elected to the position of DPCA Voting Representative, that he will continue to listen his constituents and consider them when casting votes at both the national and global levels. Therefore, I wholeheartedly give Chris my endorsement for DPCA Voting Representative.”

Kenton Barnes

"As former DA Chapter Chair of Göttingen, I have had the pleasure of knowing Christian Gross since 2014.

Chris is one of the most reliable people I know, and has demonstrated his leadership and dependability continually as a volunteer and participant for DA Göttingen whether for the March for Science, Annual Meetings, information stands, or any DA meeting.

When it came to finding a successor for Chapter Chair, I was reassured in passing it on to Chris. Despite the challenges of Covid he continued as Chair for a second term. Chris works well in a team of people with diverse backgrounds and is always interested in knowing how others view the world. He is well-read, well-balanced and has critical insight into political issues, and is always able to enrich the conversation. His scientific background and profession makes him a natural for thoroughness, and his even-keeled manner allows him to bring forth thoughtful ways to analyze a situation, discuss an issue, or find a solution - even in the face of adversity. Christian Gross would be a great addition for DPCA Delegate, and I highly recommend him."

Anne Marie Bessette

"My name is Christian J. Gross and I am running for one of the positions as a DPCA Voting Representative. I am a geologist by profession, who has worked in Oregon on various applied geological projects. I am an Oregon voter and grew up in the Buckeye State of Ohio. In 1992, I came to Germany to continue with advanced studies and am actively involved in basic geological research at the University of Goettingen. My liberal arts education at Beloit College (Wisconsin) has taught me that there is more to life than just your major area of study. We all have a responsibility to be active citizens in our Democracy. My responsibility as an overseas American voter never left me, even when I came to Germany. Our democracy is a precious and fragile system. We all saw how our democracy was, and still is, under threat by radical political forces and politicians who tried to subvert our system of government and the peaceful transfer of power on January 6, 2021. I take our right to vote very seriously, and in the year 2000 I discovered Democrats Abroad and became a member. This amazing organization has shown me that people can make a difference, and we did in the 2020 election and in the recent mid-terms. Since 2019, I have had the privilege and honor of serving as chair for the Goettingen-Hannover Region chapter. I believe that my experience in these years will allow me to represent DA Germany in all matters of importance to the members of this organization."

Ann Hesse (F)

I would like to ask for your vote as a DPCA Voting Representative for DA Germany.

I have had the honor of serving Democrats Abroad members in multiple leadership roles over the last seven years. My work in these roles at various levels in our organization has prepared me well to represent our country committee.

DA Leadership Experience
•        Chair, DA Global Women’s Caucus (2018-present)
•        Coordinator, DA Global Caucuses (2019-2021)
•        Co-Chair, DA Global Women’s Caucus (2016-2018)
•        DA Germany Stuttgart Chapter chair (2017-2019)

•        Lived and worked in Germany for over 20 years. Fluent in German. 
•        Worked in US and Germany as professional musician. 
•        Currently teaching at University of Stuttgart.
•        California voter. Mother of two dual-citizen daughters

Having served at both the global level, in caucus leadership, and locally as a chapter chair, has helped me to understand how our organization works, what needs improvement, and how global leaders can best support our volunteers on the ground. 

In my role as GWC chair I’ve attended many regional and global meetings over the years and have enjoyed exciting discussions about how we can build, grow, and improve our organization.

I’ve loved contributing my time and creativity to this organization, and I still have a reservoir of ideas and energy to invest in our shared project.

I believe that my experience, diligence, and willingness to try out new ideas would provide an advantage to our country committee and a benefit to our organization overall.

Democrats Abroad is a living, growing work in progress and its potential excites me! I would be honoured to represent DA Germany as a Voting Representative at our next global meeting and beyond.

Thank you for your consideration,

Ann Hesse
Chair, Democrats Abroad Global Women’s Caucus

Letters of Endorsement

"I am happy to endorse Ann Hesse as a DPCA Voting Representative (VR) representing Democrats Abroad Germany (DAG).  

I had the opportunity to work with Ann when she was the Stuttgart Chair and part of DAG’s Executive Committee.  In addition, I have been a member of the Global Women’s Caucus Steering Committee where she is Chair.

Ann has been instrumental in growing the Global Women’s Caucus – from less than 1000 to almost 10,000.   She always is looking for new ways to engage more people across the globe.   She’s developed teams to address different women’s issue.    She uses these issues to show Americans the importance of voting.

One of the many characteristics that I admire in Ann is her open-mindedness.    She tries to understand all sides of an issue.   This is also a characteristic that I think is important for a DPCA Voting Representative.    There are many resolutions that DA considers where it is important to understand the pros and cons before making a decision.

I hope you will vote for Ann Hesse to be part of the DAG Voting Representatives delegation."

Shari Temple

Daniel Hoever-Eckardt (M)

Letters of Endorsement

“I first met Daniel at the Annual General Meeting in Hamburg in 2018 when I was LGBT Caucus Coordinator for Germany. He was looking to be more involved and became a member of the caucus. Since then, Daniel has taken on more and more responsibility in Democrats Abroad Germany which culminated in his being elected Chapter Chair of the Heidelberg-Rhine-Neckar Region Chapter in 2021. Like many other leaders in Democrats Abroad, the last two years have been especially challenging.  During that time, he transitioned to an online format, implementing creative activities to keep member interest and engagement.  In addition to his duties as chapter chair, Daniel also served the ad hoc Verein Committee, to which he gave his experience from being a member of another Verein. Daniel is a dedicated member, who believes that every American living overseas should know about their right to enfranchisment. To that end, he is a driving force in GOTV efforts and is one of Germany’s top phone bankers. Daniel has his finger on the pulse of his chapter members and work diligently to meet their needs. I know that he would take the same enthusiasm and dedication with him to the role of DPCA Voting Representative should he be elected. It without reservation that I endorse Daniel for this position.”

Kenton Barnes

"Daniel Hoever-Eckardt has been a very active member of the Heidelberg Rhine-Neckar-Region Chapter for several years, most recently as its Chair. During all this time, I have gotten to know Daniel well and can therefore speak to his attributes with great confidence.

Before Daniel was Chair, I was Chair of the Chapter and he was Vice-Chair. He contributed to the running of our Chapter in a number of ways, including taking care of the Mannheim Precinct, CSD Mannheim registration, helping set up and run our info stands, organizing and running the joint Wiesbaden.Mainz, Frankfurt and Heidelberg Independence Day BBQ, and helping significantly  with the 2019 AGM when it was in Heidelberg. Whenever I needed support, I knew I could count on Daniel. Not only did he help at the local level, but even as Vice-Chair, Daniel attended online DAG Excom meetings, AGMs and DAG retreats.

As Chair of the Heidelberg Rhine-Neckar-Region Chapter, Daniel ran our monthly meetings online during the COVID pandemic, and when some people were still not comfortable attending meetings in person, Daniel set-up hybrid meetings so interested members could attend online. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Daniel has kept our Chapter alive and active, handing it over to the new Chair well intact.

Because he has been so involved in Democrats Abroad at the country level, Daniel knows members across Germany and he knows the concerns of the various Chapters around Germany. He also knows how DA works at the international level. He is in a perfect position to represent Germany at the international level as DPCA Representative. Therefore, I strongly and without hesitation endorse Daniel Hoever-Eckardt for DPCA Representative.

Nancy Schimkat

Former Chair, Heidelberg Chapter and former DPCA Representative DA Germany"

"Dear DAG AGM voters,

With great enthusiasm, I strongly endorse the candidacy of Daniel Hoever-Eckardt for one of the DPCA Voting Rep positions for DA Germany.

Daniel has been an active member of the Heidelberg Chapter for several years, is a co-founder of the Mannheim precinct and was Heidelberg Chair for the past two years.  He took over at the height of the Covid pandemic and never missed hosting the monthly meetings online and was the first DAG chapter chair to organize combined online/in-person sessions.

Daniel has a keen interest in DA activities at chapter, country and international levels; he is extremely well-informed on US domestic and foreign political affairs and he will represent the interests of DAG in an effective and congenial manner.

I ask for your vote in electing Daniel DPCA Voting Representative for 2023-2025.

Yours Democratically,

John McQueen

Former Chair, DAG

and former DPCA Rep for DAG"

Antar Keith (M)

My name is Antar Rashiq Keith, an African-American voter from NY, based in Leipzig, Germany. I have been a member of DA since 2016, functioning as the vice chair of DA Germany’s Saxony chapter (2021-2023); DAG’s Progressive Caucus co-chair (2021-present); DAG DPCA Voting Rep (2021-present); and DA Reparations Task Force chair (2021-present).

Born to a working-class family in the Bronx, New York, I gained firsthand knowledge of political disenfranchisement in America. This consciousness was molded by a family with strong ties to human-rights advocacy. My father, William “Bill” Keith, was a poet, teacher, Civil-Rights activist, and ally of Malcolm X. He was also a two-time victim of mass incarceration. His story inspired a keen understanding that those with the greatest proximity to pain should be closest to power.

DPCA Voting Representatives require not only knowledge of how voters operate, but how quickly historically disenfranchised and politically unengaged Americans can slide into apathy. With ever-closer margins for Democratic gains within minority groups, communicating the needs of active voters, potential voters, and voters-of-color has never been more vital. My DPCA VR mission has been to keep both DAG’s voters-of-color and progressives engaged. 

I am proud of my ongoing success in fulfilling that need. 

As a DAG DPCA VR, I helped coordinate and run GOTV drives throughout eastern Germany. I regularly attend monthly DAG meetings to vote on by-laws, funding, and policies essential to US voters in Germany. At the global-level, I enthusiastically advocate for resolutions and by-laws supporting DAG's progressive values. As RTF chair, I've organized numerous events on U.S. Reparations, energizing DA's Black and progressive voters. 

My vision going forward is to continue ensuring DA reflects the diversity of its constituents in thought and deed. This is essential for creating a more robust position to better advocate for DAG voters globally.


Kaitlyn Kennedy (F)

My name is Kaitlyn Kennedy, a Texas voter based in Leipzig, Germany, running to be a DA Germany DPCA Voting Representative. A native of Houston, I have been involved with Democrats Abroad since 2018 in various roles, including as a DA Münster-Osnabrück-Bielefeld Region member (2018-2020), DA Saxony founder and chapter chair (2020-2023), DA Germany communications coordinator (2021-2023), Global Progressive Caucus Steering Committee member (2021-present), and DA Reparations Task Force member (2021-present). 

As my involvement with DA progressed from the local to the country and global levels, so did my understanding of the power and potential of Americans abroad to effect change in the U.S. political system. Many youth voters like me go to the polls because we care about the issues, whether that be fixing gross economic disparities in America, fighting for a livable planet, or addressing our country’s ongoing legacy of racial discrimination. 

By attending global meetings, I learned that DA engages on these issues through resolutions and bylaws, which dictate our organization’s political stances and how we pursue our goals. Even as a very active volunteer locally, I never heard about these important votes when they were happening. I sought to fill that gap by designing and co-hosting informational events on important resolutions through my chapter and caucus groups so members would know about decisions being made on their behalf. When I joined campaigns behind various resolutions, I found out just how hard it is to contact reps and raise constituent concerns.

If we want to promote democracy at home, we have to start within our own DA structures. As a DPCA voting rep, my goal is to prioritize transparency and constituent engagement through town halls and more open channels of communication. DPCA reps should represent DA members in Germany, and that’s what I strive to do.


Malaika Kusumi (F)

As a potential DPCA member, I deeply appreciate the advice given to me by the Global Black Caucus lead. I was told to take to heart the following: “you sign up to be a reliable, committed, and proactive volunteer for the duration of the term, reflecting the strongest opinions of (your) country committee. It is by far more than just showing up to meetings and voting on resolutions and officers’ roles. Make no mistake, signing up to be a volunteer laborer for good causes, even for a cause you are deeply passionate about, is an act of self-sacrifice. Being in any role in the DPCA is an act of self-sacrifice. These sacrifices increase with each leadership role you take on. But if you want to make a change and are committed to it, this organization can be a venue to help you (and) If you're lucky, you can make some life-long friends, too.”

I was told: “Even if you are not a wide-eyed idealist, you can join other efforts and see real results and accomplishments through working with your fellow colleagues, on committees, task forces, and other efforts…you can raise leaders.”

I am not a wide-eyed idealist but an incurable and persistent optimist with ideals. However, I keep both my eyes and mind wide open. I take the given advice to heart. As they say, “If the shoe fits."

It does, and I am ready to start walking because 2024 is right at the door.

Letters of Endorsement

"Malaika is an ideal candidate for a DPCA position. She is well-organized, focused, smart, committed and highly responsive. For this position we need someone who will answer calls and emails in an appropriate, encouraging way - and within a short time frame. She does this naturally.

She instinctively knows how to motivate people to be, do and give their best. And her creativity allows her to think out of the box and find new solutions. When Malaika sets herself a goal, she achieves it. Such persistence, combined with the flexibility to alter a course of action if it is not giving the desired results, are important qualities for our success.

Malaika lives her values on a daily basis, and these values represent the best of what the Democratic Party stands for: respect, truthfulness, authenticity, compassion and generosity.

Another essential qualification for this position is Malaika's team spirit. She strives - and delivers her promised inputs - and also supports other team members so they can shine. Last but not least, it is important to mention that Malaika has intimate knowledge of DA, gained through her active participation in and support of the Frankfurt/Greater Hessen Chapter Management Team and the Women's and Black Caucuses.  "

Reavis Hilz-Ward

Kaili Morris (F)

For the past two years I have had the pleasure of navigating the new possition of Caucus Coordinator. I have met many dedicated volunteers and been contacted by new people eager to get involved. I would love to continue in this role and work to bridge the gap between chapters and caucuses if elected for a new term. Additionally, I would like to be considered for DPCA voting rep to help me stay involved with the larger goals of DA and connect with more people at the global level in order to connect new volunteers to caucuses, teams, and committees working to do valuable theme based work for different communities in the Democratic Party.

Letters of Endorsement

“I am excited to endorse Kaili Morris for DPCA Voting Representative. Through her connection to DAG’s caucuses as the incumbent caucus coordinator, Kaili has a keen awareness of the issues that drive a diverse range of DAG members to the polls and is well prepared to represent those interests at the global level. She is passionate, dedicated, and fun. She also has a strong work ethic, sense of justice, and desire to learn – qualities that are critical for the role of DPCA Voting Rep. Although youth voices are crucial for the future of the Democratic Party, youth voters are underrepresented in the DPCA. I hope you will join me in casting your vote for Kaili so we can bring this much-needed perspective to our global decision-making body.”

Kaitlyn Kennedy

Mark Neel (M)



Teresa Ritterhoff (F)

Letters of Endorsement

"Campaign Statement

I am asking for your vote so that I can serve you as DPCA Voting Representative for Democrats Abroad Germany.

Since 2019, I have worked at every level of our organization, from GOTV Coordinator for my local chapter (Wiesbaden-Mainz); to GOTV Coordinator for DA Germany; to my current global position as DA’s Membership Engagement Coordinator. In addition to my own responsibilities, I have assisted many other leaders with projects -- including State Teams, GOTV, Phonebanking, Communications, Voter Protection, Fundraising and Events -- that are mission critical for Democrats Abroad. Along the way, I have had the opportunity to familiarize myself deeply with the operations of the organization and, above all, the people who make it run. I understand the importance of grassroots organizing and am still actively engaged in my local chapter here in the Rhein-Main area.

It is crucial that those who serve as Voting Representatives from the Country Committees have a firm grasp not only of the issues facing us as a party today, but of the levers that can be pulled to move Democrats Abroad forward and help us impact the next election – an election that, once again, promises to be the most important of our lifetimes. As Democratic National Committee Chair Jamie Harrison put it on a recent call with Democrats Abroad: the 2024 decision will be made in 2023. The work starts now, and I am ready to do it.

Having had the honor of serving at the local, national and international levels, I feel well-positioned to cast informed and thoughtful votes on behalf of Democrats Abroad Germany. Please vote for me to represent our country committee at the DPCA. Thank you!"

"I wholeheartedly endorse Teresa Ritterhoff for the crucial role of DPCA Voting Representative. In order to make decisions that impact Democrats Abroad, it is essential that Voting Representatives have a clear picture of our mission and its implementation at all levels of the organization. Teresa has actively supported DA’s Get Out The Vote efforts from the local to the global levels and has worked tirelessly on the ground and behind the scenes to mobilize voters as well as volunteers.

Teresa began her DA volunteer work in her local Wiesbaden-Mainz Chapter as GOTV Coordinator, helping to organize events and registering voters in creative and innovative ways. In the run-up to the 2020 presidential election, she then served as Germany’s GOTV Coordinator, bringing in new ideas and initiatives to reach voters, helping Germany to send back a record number of ballots.

The pivot to the Georgia Senate runoff set the tone for the ground-breaking initiative of state-focussed outreach. Teresa played a key role in developing the DA State Teams, helping to take them from concept to reality, as well as organizing and leading the Wisconsinites Abroad team. Since her appointment during the preparations for the 2022 Midterms, Teresa has worked tirelessly behind the scenes as the Global Membership Engagement Coordinator. She has aided in all aspects of outreach and organization, from targeted communication to recruiting lawyers to assist with voter protection work.

Teresa is an invaluable organizer and dedicated volunteer. With her hands-on experience and comprehensive knowledge of DA, from chapter level to global structures, Teresa is uniquely qualified to serve as Voting Representative and has most certainly earned a place in the room where decisions will be made that will guide DA for years to come."

Jennifer von Estorff

Powen Shiah (M)

Letters of Endorsement

"Dear fellow members of Democrats Abroad Germany, I’m running again for Treasurer and DPCA Voting Representative. Our work in building a sustainable and effective organization for Americans in Germany isn’t done yet: I’m asking for your vote and support to build on the last two years.

I’d love to hear from you: [email protected]

Find out more about me: http://vote.powen.net

I’ve been living in Berlin and active in Democrats Abroad since 2014 holding leadership roles on the local, national, and international levels.

- Germany Treasurer: 2021-2023

- DPCA voting representative: 2019-2023

- Global AAPI Caucus steering committee: Since 2020

- Berlin Chapter Media & Communications officer: 2015-2021

As Germany treasurer, voting representative, and active Executive Committee member, I’ve rolled out new digital tools and processes to help us work and plan together better, more transparently.

  1. Monthly written & oral financial updates at Executive Committee meetings
  2. Adopted new, more compliant donation reporting and reimbursement systems
  3. Developed and implemented new annual country committee budget
  4. Introduced expense request and spending tracking
  5. Served on Bylaws committee
  6. Helped establish DAG as a legal entity (e.V.)

Since I first started organizing for racial justice and LGBTQ rights in college, I’ve strived to put my politics in my practice. I always think about

- how to include more people in progressive movements,

- how organizational structures can better serve our values, and

- how to improve transparency and lower barriers to participation.

What does this mean? I grasp complex topics, break them down, and communicate clearly, from Federal Election Commission rules to party platform processes. As Treasurer and Voting Representative, I’ll continue working with members, voters, and volunteers, whether they bring decades of experience or are just getting involved.

Let’s build a long-term, sustainable Democrats Abroad Germany together!"


Carl Landon Taylor (M)

I have worked as campaign manager for a city councilman who won in Philadelphia. Later I ran one of the campaign offices for Barack Obama. Now I am the vice Chapter chair for Frankfurt and Greater Hessen Germany. Register voter for Pennsylvania. I feel that I have gained experience and would like to have the chance to further expand our membership in the Frankfurt & Mid-Hessen Germany.
I have been assisting in organising GOTV in Aschaffenburg and in Frankfurt with info-stands. I helped organise a GOTV stand at the CSD Pride day and Organised with Wiesbaden Chapter and Heidelberg Chapter a 4th of July barbecue for our members. With the Frankfurter Greater Hessen team we can expand the membership and the GOTV efforts. I have been hands on in Democrats Abroad and know through experience why we need to do.


Shari Temple (F)

I have been an active member of DAG since 2005 servicing in various positions – Munich Chapter Chair, DAG Secretary, DAG Vice-Chair, DAG Chair, and DAG Voting Representative, as well as many committees.   At the DA International level, I have served on the Executive Committee as EMEA Regional Vice Chair (RVC) and Interim International Secretary.   I have been a chair and member of many global committees over the years and currently the IT Chair and the head of the Equal Rights Amendment Task Force.

For those that know me, I hope you have seen that I am willing to spend the time and energy for the organization from grunt work to high level presentations.   My ability to listen to both sides of an argument and look for win-win solutions are a valuable skill for the VR role.  I am a team player willing to share knowledge and work with the rest of the Voting Representatives and our DAG Executive Committee.

The reason I am running for VR is to share my knowledge and experience within DA to help make our organization better and more effective.   Based on my various roles at all levels, I understand the inter-workings of the organization and how to effect change.

I would appreciate your vote for one of the DAG DPCA Voting Representative positions.

Letters of Endorsement

"This isn’t your average, everyday letter of endorsement. It isn’t based on a few zoom calls over the past couple of years, but on a 15-year close working relationship.

While I think it’s vital for our organization to encourage new leaders to run for high office, it is equally important to have the steady and reliable leadership of people with multiple years of experience and deep institutional knowledge. In DAG, Shari is that person.

Shari’s been my mentor for the entire time I’ve been in DA. She was Munich Chapter Chair before I was. She was DAG Vice Chair before I was. She was DAG Chair before I was – in fact, I served as her Vice Chair in her second term as Chair.

Over the years, we’ve worked together very closely on many projects and issues. While I was Munich Chapter Chair in 2009 and Shari was DAG Chair, we organized the first annual Oktoberfest FUNdraiser, and before the 2010 midterms, under Shari’s leadership, we produced DAG’s first professional brochure, as well as a postal mailing to all DAG members. Shari and I have attended many global meetings together, and though we didn’t always vote the same way, we both worked hard to make sure that the outcome was fair and that we maintained a sense of unity on the global level.

Having a personal relationship with other global leaders is important in the role of DPCA Voting Rep, but Shari doesn’t just know other global leaders – she is universally respected and LIKED by them. She’ll represent Germany well because she’ll use her extensive knowledge of the organization and her extensive network of friends to get things done and to help elect more Democrats!

Vote Shari Temple!

Quaide Williams

DPCA Voting Representative

Former DA-Germany Chair & Vice Chair"

"I'm endorsing Shari Temple for DCPA Representative. Shari is the DA IT Director and our ERA task force leader, but she is so much more than that for me.

She is dedicated to the Democrats Abroad and the Democratic Party. I first worked with Shari on the Women's Caucus 2018 Calendar. I was new to DA and noticed we did not have a Black Caucus. She has an excellent understanding of DA at all levels and helped me begin the formation progress of the Global Black Caucus. She helped me find people interested in joining the formation committee and helped me navigate creating a caucus. We need her knowledge and skill in our ExCom and to represent Germany at the global level.

It would be a mistake not to re-elect her as a DCPA Representative. Shari always represents Germany well at regional and global meetings. She has contributed to the success of DA Germany, the EMEA Region, and DA internationally.

Please join me in voting for Shari for one of the DAG DPCA Voting Representative positions."

Angela Fobbs

"I enthusiastically endorse Shari Temple as DPCA Voting Representative for Democrats Abroad Germany.

Shari has held so many crucial positions within DA at multiple levels over many years that’s it’s difficult to imagine anyone who knows more or cares more about our organization. From DA Germany chair to Global IT chair, ERA Task Force chair and more, her skill set runs the gamut and her deep knowledge of our DA history and how to get things done is an incredible asset to DA Germany and the organization as a whole.

Shari has served as a valuable member of the Global Women’s Caucus Steering Committee throughout my tenure as GWC chair. We also worked well together during my term as Stuttgart Chapter chair.

We’ve worked closely together over many years on countless projects, and I continue to rely heavily on her wisdom, experience, and insight. I especially value her candid, critical assessment, encouragement, and patience in helping to develop and strengthen our women’s caucus. These crucial skills are especially valuable in her role as a DPCA Voting Representative as well.

Shari Temple is an indefatigable feminist, a vibrant source of new ideas, a supportive colleague and deeply committed to the continued success of Democrats Abroad. Please join me in voting for Shari Temple as DPCA Voting Representative for DA Germany."

Ann Hesse


Jennifer von Estorff (F)

Letters of Endorsement

"I would be grateful for the opportunity to serve as a DPCA Voting Representative. It has been my pleasure to volunteer and organize across all levels of Democrats Abroad, from our local Chapter to my work as Global State Teams Coordinator. My volunteer efforts with DA began when I was given the chance to establish the Hannover Precinct, after helping to build up a team of volunteers in our chapter, and increasing membership in the area. I have served as DAG Secretary for the past three years, working to facilitate and organize structures to ensure clear communication and easy access to information.

For the last two years, I have driven the formation and organization of the innovative DA State Teams. The state-specific outreach offered by our 14 teams from crucial states such as Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin, is uniquely positioned to support our DA-wide efforts to get out the vote up and down the ballot! By training and mobilizing the specialized teams, we have been able to craft communication, develop detailed voting materials, offer direct assistance to voters and bring close to 100 candidates to our Meet the Candidates events series to hear the unique concerns of overseas voters. We have also focused on ballot access for overseas voters and have advocated for overseas voters with numerous lawmakers and are currently working to get legislation passed in multiple states.

With my unique experience and knowledge of the workings of Democrats Abroad, from the Chapter level to Global Coordinator, I am confident I can make informed decisions about the direction of our organization so that we can turn out more voters in future elections. I would appreciate your support for DPCA Voting Representative and look forward to continuing to serve and help voters living abroad have their voices heard."

"I am thrilled to endorse Jennifer von Estorff for DPCA (Democratic Party Committee Abroad) Voting Representative from Democrats Abroad Germany.

Jennifer deserves a seat at the table where decisions are made for our organization. In addition to her extraordinary devotion and hard work, Jennifer understands as few others how DA will impact the 2024 elections: indeed, as Global State Teams Coordinator, she helped create some of our most important tools.

DA State Teams, which were approved by the Global ExCom in early 2022, provide an entirely new and powerful forum for channeling volunteer energy and getting out the overseas vote. The State Teams worked to mobilize overseas voters by familiarizing themselves with the ins and outs of voting procedure; encouraging participation in state and local elections from abroad; and advocating for change in state voting laws (e.g. New Jersey and Maryland). State Team volunteers also hosted more than two dozen separate events to “Meet the Candidates” and bring them closer to our membership. Last but not least, the Teams were crucial to DA’s Voter Protection efforts.

Jennifer’s leadership of the State Teams made an invaluable contribution to DA’s success in the 2022 midterms. That she did all of this while working as one of the most active voter assistant volunteers on Intercom and continuing to serve as DAG’s Secretary is evidence both of a truly astounding worth ethic and her commitment to local and grassroots organizing as key to the continued success of our organization.

Country Committees are asked to send to represent us at the DPCA those who most fully embody the values and goals of Democrats Abroad. I cannot think of anyone of whom this is truer than Jennifer von Estorff. Please cast your vote for her. Thank you! "

Teresa Ritterhoff

"Kate Sawyer, Frankfurt Chapter treasurer and member of DA Global Voter Protection Team

I had the opportunity to work with Jennifer leading up to the 2020 election when I volunteered for her DA-Germany voter assistance team. From the first meeting, I was impressed with her dedication and organizational skills. She recognized a strong need and proactively created a process and assembled a team to respond. Since then, her involvement and commitment to Democrats Abroad has continued to grow exponentially. She now leads the global state teams and has done an exemplary job in proving the value of state teams and supporting the volunteers.

Jennifer is particularly adept at motivating members to generate new ideas and lead efforts in a way that meaningfully engages members and avoids bureaucratic quagmires. She is not a naysayer and creates a positive atmosphere that makes other members feel valued and supported.

More generally, Jennifer is just a delight to work with. She motivates by example -- when I feel my energy wavering, it just takes seeing her continue full steam to get myself moving again. She is also extremely well-informed and politically sophisticated – giving context to the efforts of Democrats Abroad. Her humor makes things fun, especially during those times when the demands may feel a bit exhausting and scattering. I highly recommend Jennifer as a DPCA voting representative. "


Quaide Williams (M)

I started working with DA as part of Americans Overseas for Kerry in Munich in 2004, and after working on the Obama campaign in Germany, I was elected Munich Chapter Chair in 2009. As chair I organized the first annual Oktoberfest FUNdraiser, and before the 2010 midterms, I coordinated the production of our first professional DA brochure, as well as a postal mailing to all DAG members.

From 2011 to 2017, I served as either DAG Chair or Vice Chair. In my first year as DAG Vice Chair, I founded the EMEA COOP, a cooperative to provide country committees and Germany's chapters with high-quality postcards, brochures, buttons, t-shirts, etc – a project which still exists to this day! I also founded the Global Design Team four years ago.

I was instrumental in planning – and driving – the Democrats Abroad Road Trip (DART) (Link: https://www.facebook.com/DemocratsAbroadRoadTrip) around Europe in the summer of 2012, visiting 26 cities in 13 different countries, motivating local committees and chapters and registering as many American citizens as we could find.

Having served as one of your DPCA Voting Reps, I’ve tried to represent our country committee well to the global body. It took three years to pass, but I was the driving force behind “one-person-one-vote” – the reason DAG has so many voting reps today. 

I’ve attended Global Meetings in Florence, Seoul, Washington, Puerto Vallarta, London, Punta Cana, Berlin and Tokyo and EMEA Regional Meetings in Berlin, Strasbourg, Edinburgh and Kiev. I know the DPCA, and I have a good rapport with our DNC members and other leaders worldwide. Should you elect me to this position again, I promise to continue working hard for you. I ask for your support – and your vote.

(link: https://www.facebook.com/QuaideForDPCAVotingRep)

Letters of Endorsement

"I whole-heartedly endorse Quaide Williams as a DPCA Voting Representative (VR) representing Democrats Abroad Germany (DAG).

 I have had the honor of knowing Quaide since 2004 - when we were both part of Overseas Voters for Kerry.  Since then, I have worked with him at the Munich Chapter level, Germany Country Committee level, and at the DA International level.

Quaide has been a dedicated volunteer for DA over the years investing tons of hours.  He has been personally instrumental in raising the professionalism of DA.   His idea to have quality brochures for DA Germany has blossomed into a co-op with DA merchandise raising both awareness and needed money.  This is just one example where his ideas have help DA.

Quaide knows the organization and has a good rapport with DA leaders around the world.   He knows how to gain support for important issues.

I strongly believe that we need a mix of DA experienced leaders and new leaders as VR’s.   Quaide is definitely an experienced leader that would serve us well.

I would appreciate your vote for Quaide for one of the DAG DPCA Voting Representative positions."

Shari Temple

“In the time that I have known Quaide Williams, I have seen his dedication and his passion to Democrats Abroad and its mission. When I met Quaide, he was serving as Chair of Democrats Abroad Germany. However, I know that this is just one of the many positions he has held in the organization. In addition to DAG Chair, he was also Munich Chapter Chair, Chapter Development Coordinator, and DPCA Voting Representative. In addition to these elected positions, he has also served on number of DAG committees: the 2021 CNEC, the ad-hoc Tent Committee, and the standing Bylaws Committee, which he co-chairs. Quaide also founded the Co-Op and mangaged it for a number of years. In addition, he sponsored legislation at the global level, which led to Democrats Abroad changing its representational voting so that each person has only one vote. Before the legislation was adopted, some people had one vote, or even two votes, while others had only a half vote. Quaide saw this as an injustice and took it upon himself to change it.  It is this passion, this ability to see what is wrong and to suggest meaningful change that has made him such a valuable member.  It is this passion that guides him in his work with Democrats Abroad. He is a person who truly believes in its mission and tries to find ways to implement that mission, which is to provide Americans abroad a Democratic voice in the American government and to elect Democratic candidates by mobilizing the overseas vote. Quaide strives to do this at all levels of the organization. Therefore it is with confidence and admiration that I endorse Quaide as a candidate for the position of DPCA Voting Representative.”

Kenton  Barnes