February 19, 2024

Meet the Toronto Chapter 2024-2025 Candidates

The following positions received a single a nomination. These candidates will be acclaimed and begin to hold these positions at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on April 2, 2024. Each candidate will each serve for one year until the next AGM. To learn more about the candidates, please see their candidate statements below.

Chair: Lee Strickland
Co Vice-Chair (male): Marc Cohen
Member-at-Large: Mari Rutka

More details about the AGM will follow in the coming weeks. Until then, save the date: April 2, 2024.

Candidate Statements

Chair: Lee Strickland

I am a recovering Republican, joining Democrats Abroad in 2008 when I voted for Barack Obama. Although I did not register as a Democrat at that time (I registered as an Independent), when DJT entered the political scene in 2016, I registered as a Democrat and never looked back.

I ran for the Board of Directors of Democrats Abroad Toronto (DATO) one year ago, but was elevated to Chair to fulfill the seat vacated by Dianna English.
Being new to the board, my first year as Chair was a learning process, and I am still learning. However I am interested in continuing as Chair for another year with primary goal of defeating DJT and the MAGA Republicans, as well as growing DATO going forward.

Co-Vice Chair: Marc Cohen

I have been a project manager in the aero space industry for over 30 years. Have great organizational skills with a top secret classification to work on government projects. Very good at organizing events and planning.

Member-at-Large: Mari Rutka

I have served previously, for several years, with the Toronto Chapter as recording secretary, and with the Canada-wide Democrats Abroad board as events coordinator. I have helped to organize information get-togethers, tax seminars and made many phone calls as elections approach. As we approach this next and very critical election, I would like to help once again and will in whatever capacity I can. I bring experience in government after serving 3 terms on the Toronto District School Board as well as experience in journalism and in the film industry. I would encourage anyone reading this to also give time this year to supporting the efforts of Democrats Abroad. Collectively, we can make a profound difference in America's election results and help shape all our futures.

The Nominations and Elections Committee sends well wishes and gratitude to all the candidates! If you have any questions, you can email the committee at [email protected]

Danielle Stampley
Lucia Lloyd
Allenna Leonard