Co₂nsequences Newsletter - May 2022




April was Earth month, but our struggle to preserve the habitable future of our planet must not relent as we move into May and beyond. Democrats Abroad Environment & Climate Crisis Council (ECCC) will continue to share interesting events within DA related to environment and climate, offer avenues for climate activism and provide periodic analysis of current developments, policies, and legislation that address the existential challenges facing our planet today.

💙 By almost unanimous consent, our Resolution on the Climate Emergency was passed on Sunday, 22 May 2022, at the Democrats Abroad Global Meeting. Read the Complete text here.

Help us urge the Biden-Harris administration to take the lead and declare a National Climate Emergency.  

✍🏼 ✍🏿 ✍️✍🏾 ✍🏻 Sign our ECCC National Climate Emergency Petition. Our life on earth depends on treating  Climate Change like the Climate Emergency it is.

We’d like to introduce our new Steering Committee for the ECCC; Dana Freling – Chair, Dash Nesbitt – Secretary, Angela Fobbs – Communications Director, Inge Kjemtrup – Voter Outreach, Bruce Murray – Legislation Liaison, Martha McDevitt-Pugh, Anthony Akerman and Eric Burns. Read more.

We are building our ranks and need more volunteers and leaders, so please contact us to see how you can get involved…joining the Watchdogs Research Task Force, the communications team, events planning, and more. We love for you to volunteer and take individual action…and that should start with your vote.


Request your absentee ballot today. Your vote is extremely important. If the Republicans take over the House and/or Senate, there will be no climate action.

The battle to contain climate change will be won or lost in this decade, and the 2022 election results will, in a real sense, determine whether the U.S. can fulfill its pledge to be a leader in the drive to stave off the most catastrophic consequences of global warming.

Candidates elected this year will steer the direction of U.S. policy in the lead-up to 2025, a significant deadline set out in this month’s report by the IPCC. That’s when greenhouse gas emissions need to peak if the world hopes to meet the Paris climate accord goal of holding the temperature increase close to 1.5 degrees. 

The US will be unable to curb its reliance on fossil fuels without more climate leadership in Congress and at EVERY level of government. So folks, it really must be all hands on deck! Fighting for the Democratic agenda is critical to meeting these challenges, not just for American lives but also for those worldwide.

Even small donations have an impact. Democrats Abroad is an all-volunteer organization, and our ability to operate and get out the vote (GOTV) hinges on donations. Democrats Abroad was the margin of victory in several key races in 2020. Our votes make a difference. A $5 or $10 donation is just as important as a $1,000 donation. Donate today or someday soon.

🌺 May Climate Cafe - May is AAPI Heritage Month, so we will be discussing the effects of climate change on the Asian Pacific region, specifically on the pacific islands this month. Learn More/RSVP.

🌺 June Climate Cafe - Our cafe topic for June is Queer Ecology. Learn More/RSVP.


🌻 Read "Under Biden’s Watch: From CAFE Standards to Electric vehicles" by Diana Power, ECCC Watchdogs Group.

🌻 Read Our New monthly blog segment, "The Good, The Bad, and the Nerdy!" This month's blog is on The Dark Side of Light:  Light Pollution’s Effects on Biodiversity.

🌳 Earth’s oceans have reached the hottest and most acidic levels on record, UN says

🌲 Lake Powell officials face an impossible choice in the West's megadrought: Water or electricity

🌳 ‘World is at boiling point’: humanity must redefine relationship with nature, says report

🌲 Over half of US properties face at least some wildfire risk

🌳 Beyond Magical Thinking: Time to Get Real on Climate Change

🌲 New Mexico Black Fire grows by 40% over the weekend to more than 145,000 acres, now 8 percent contained

🌳 Activists Laud Biden’s New Environmental Justice Appointee, But Concerns Linger Over Equity and Funding


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🌍 Did you miss our Co₂nsequences: Global Climate Rally in April? You can watch it here. We had a lot of great speakers and performers.

🌍 Want to make your lifestyle greener? Boost your knowledge! Check out our Earth Care Toolkit.

🌍 If you have Netflix, watch the documentary Youth v Gov (2020) or watch the trailer. Directed by filmmaker and scientist Christi Cooper. YOUTH v. GOV is the story of America's youth taking on the world's most powerful government. In 2015, twenty-one young plaintiffs, ages 8 to 19, filed the lawsuit Juliana vs. the United States, asserting a willful violation of their constitutional rights in creating our climate crisis. If they're successful, they'll not only make history, and they'll change the future. HEADS UP: We will have an event with the director and the plaintiffs in July.

🌍 The 2022 IPCC report (the UN Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change) warns that climate change is reaching the point of no return.


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