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Robin Bognuda (Camorino, Ticino)

Born and raised in Boston MA, I moved to Ticino 27 years ago to marry my Swiss Italian husband and subsequently raise two children. Shortly thereafter I founded AWOT – American Women of Ticino – which still exists today. I also started All For Kids, which for over 2 decades provided English speaking families with educational products for children. I wanted to provide my own children with things that weren't available here.

Over the years the business evolved from mail-order catalog, to a network of sales reps throughout CH, and then to an online-shop. I enjoyed visiting schools and participating in expos nationwide to meet and connect with other expat families.

A few years later, I co-founded The Book Nook – the only English library in Ticino that served as a lending library, meeting place and venue for lectures and discussions for 17 years.

Before moving to CH, I ran a management agency for performing artists in Boston for 10 years – Performing Arts Consultants. I also taught Arts Management at the New England Conservatory of Music, Lesley College and Northeastern University. My BA is in Social Psychology and Dance from Tufts University.

I was raised in a Republican family and have always voted Democrat. My political experience is limited to organising meetings in Ticino with former American Ambassadors to CH, and voter registration drives. While I have never been active in the Democratic party, I believe my accomplishments have demonstrated a unique capacity for community organisation and initiative. Gathering like minded people to discuss, address and achieve common goals is my specialty. I enjoy networking and believe in collaboration. Since the election of our current President, I feel a moral obligation to get involved. I was at the Women's March on Washington on January 21st and contacted Anne-Shelton Aaron upon my return to ask about organising an event in Ticino.

I believe Member-at-Large, Events and Volunteers would be an appropriate role for me given my nationwide contacts and proven experience.


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Katelyn M. McClung (Vevey)

I am Katie McClung and I am running to be your Member-at-Large for events and volunteers. For an event and volunteer coordinator to be effective, they need a great deal of energy, passion, and knowledge on the effective use of communication technologies.

As a new member of the DA CH chapter and a relatively new resident of Switzerland, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I grew up in Philadelphia, Florida, and New Jersey, and did my university and masters studies – in chemical engineering, minoring in public policy- just outside New York City, in Hoboken. I am currently a PhD student at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), studying process integration techniques and applying them to refineries that focus on the production of liquid fuels from renewable sources. I am passionate about energy and the environment, and for obtaining, applying, and sharing knowledge.

While I have always been interested in energy policy, this election cycle thrust me into politics and public policy in a way I did not expect to happen so soon. I served as a volunteer for an independent organization, MoveOn, where I spent hours cold-calling voters in swing states. Now, I am more fervent than ever to put time and talent to political activism. I understand the gravity of the situation we are currently in, and the impact we as US citizens abroad can have. I want to help get more people involved, to run events, and to be an active member.

Furthermore, while I have little experience in the DA, I do have experience planning and running events. As a university student, I helped to found a chapter of Engineers for a Sustainable World, served on the executive board, and ran the fundraising events and the education outreach program. While I know this is a different scale of activities, I am sure these skills are transferable and will help with the learning curve this position has. I am well organized, timely, and, thanks to work, I am always accessible by email or slack.

I want to work with the rest of the executive committee positions and with my committee to spread our message. I am incredibly excited to work with and organize events that are as multi-purpose, fun, and educational as possible, involving components of outreach, activism, information, and fundraising. I also would like to see us make use of social media for getting the word out about events. I look forward to working with all of you.


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