Office: Member-at-Large – Press and Media

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Morgan Gray (Geneva)

As a corporate communications professional working for an American company in Switzerland, I have experience designing and executing communications activities to support the broader strategies of an organization. I am skilled at receiving global talking points and tailoring statements to a local audience while remaining on message. Having constantly worked with teammates across Europe, Middle East, and Africa, I am confident in my ability to collaborate across language regions and media markets to earn the most effective coverage.

Originally from Illinois, I have been active in civic life and engaged in the political process from a young age. Even as a child, I was secretary of our 4H club, representing our county often at state events. Before I could vote, I asked for help from the ACLU to lead a campaign against, and eventually stop, an unconstitutional random drug testing initiative at my high school that was proposed to the school board.

Later, I was a poll worker in my county and interned at the Illinois Attorney General's Office in Springfield. There, I was an active part of the staff, attending hearings and depositions, answering calls and requests for information from all over the state, and also writing various legal documents which were eventually filed in circuit courts.

My international affairs studies did take me out of the US frequently, as I've mostly lived abroad since high school. This meant I've felt a bit removed from taking part in more activism. However, I believe the political science aspect of those studies means that I have a solid background to explain not only local political processes in the US but also the effects of American policy on other countries. I think this knowledge will be valuable as I will be able to answer questions and give background to media in Switzerland.

I have studied and now worked in Switzerland for a total of nearly 8 years. In that time, I have made Switzerland my home and am interested in and committed to the relationship between the two countries. Because I intend to stay in Switzerland, I want to take this opportunity to run for a role in the DACH ExCom so that I can become active again in the political process of our country. Thanks to my work experience here and my personal experience back home, I think I have a lot to offer the ExCom and the Democrats Abroad organization as a whole. I believe that better media coverage of the DACH organization will help support the important work that the group is already doing, such as the voter outreach for the upcoming midterms, because raising awareness can help to get out the vote. But I also believe it will help support the new goals the group has set in terms of fundraising and increasing membership, and I hope that my fellow Democrats in Switzerland will vote for me to take the lead on this role.


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Leedonal Moore (Zurich)

I have had the pleasure to speak to current committee members, and I have been very impressed with the opportunities that would be afforded to me within DACH and for our fellow country men and women living abroad, who believe as I do, that our democratic values must be protected, nourished and fought for.

I firmly believe that I have the intellect, skills and talents necessary to succeed as a Press/Media Member at large. Besides working as a radio, tv, event presenter/host and very well versed in using social media devices as in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Hootsuite, I therefore also am well connected with various press and media agencies. I am fluent in English, German, moderate in Italian and French.

I value leadership, teamwork, honesty, and ethics. My strong desire to contribute upholding democratic values drive me to succeed and to accomplish my goals. I look forward to speaking with you and members of your Department regarding my application.


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Rosemary Pontarelli (Basel)

My personal motivation for this position is two-fold: that we utilize press and media to support member outreach and motivating existing members to contribute to the activism agenda of Democrats Abroad Switzerland and that Democrats Abroad Switzerland contributes to diplomatic relations abroad and represents a balanced image of America's role on the world stage to the Swiss public. Now more than ever Americans at home and abroad need role models and motivators. We could hang our heads, participate in only sarcastic humor towards Donald Trump, but this would not serve us to gaining positive traction on political issues that affect Americans and international relations. Now more than ever we need to promote activism on a progressive political agenda, which is what the Press & Media function should contribute to. Professional experience in organizational development, communications, human resources, my experience in voter outreach and press-media outreach in 2016 for Democrats Abroad Basel as well as bilingual competencies in English and German are some of my qualifications for this position. I however envision a function that promotes team collaboration and utilizing motivated members in Zurich, Geneva, Bern to fulfill regional positions and promote a sustainable press & media agenda. Regardless of the election outcome I am also further motivated to contribute the Democrats Abroad Basel Events and Press & Media Relations in Basel through a regional function.


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