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Europe, Middle East, & Africa (EMEA) Non-Country Committee (Non-CC) Candidate Information

The EMEA Region Non-Country Committee Voting Representative will serve alongside the more than 250 other voting representatives from DA's country committees to discuss and vote on DA business – such as Resolutions, Platform, and International Officer leadership elections at global meetings.

The position of Non-Country Committee Voting Representative was created through changes in the DPCA Charter in 2021 to ensure that all members of Democrats Abroad have representation and a voice in our global organization. The role of Non-CC Voting Representative is an important development for the growth of Democrats Abroad (DPCA) and the enfranchisement of DA members who currently do not have representation in the DPCA governing body. 

Please review the candidate statements below before voting for your regional representative.


Candidate Discussion Forum

The public Candidate Forum Google Group is open for Candidates and Voters from Non-CC countries who would like to get to know their candidates better.  


Anyone is invited to view the discussion, but only eligible Non-CC voters can post questions by selecting the "Ask to join Group" button at the top of the page.  (If you do not see the button, send an email request to: [email protected] )


Voting Process

Balloting will be held via an online Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) ballot (with a PDF ballot available upon request) between:

31 March - 14 April  – closing at Midnight voter’s local time

The EMEA Region ballot link was provided in the e-mail sent 31 March to all eligible Non-CC Voting members with the subject: EMEA Region Non-CC Voting Rep - Candidates and Ballot link Note: You must provide your Full Name and the special Voting ID number included in the e-mail to be able to cast a vote.

The Election results will be announced shortly after the close of elections:

If you have any questions or difficulties regarding the voting process, please contact the Nominations and Elections Committee (NCC-NEC) at: [email protected]


EMEA Candidates for Non-CC Voting Representative April 2024 Election
(Listed Alphabetically by Last Name)




Abiodun Badejo - Lagos, Nigeria


As a DA Voting Representative, how would you go about soliciting input on the perspectives and needs of fellow Non-CC DA members in your Region?

Adopting the Team work strategy with fellow Non-CC DA members 


Candidate Statement
I have been a DA member  for approximately 0-2 years. I have worked in various democrat organizations such has Field Team 6, Move on, etc and impacted positively well and still doing for Democrats.

I'm currently seeking for the position Non-CC Voting Representative, the respective positions that I have held before now has been an asset in developing my skills and meeting individuals for each segment of the organizations served. I have worked and supported various organizations that I believe offered something good. I have chaired committed and elected chair has well. I believe I have what it takes if afforded opportunity to be voted for has Non-CC Voting Representative .

I hope I earn your vote to further shape DA future, the American future.




Keith Brannum - Istanbul, Türkiye


As a DA Voting Representative, how would you go about soliciting input on the perspectives and needs of fellow Non-CC DA members in your Region?

As an active DA volunteer leader, I work together with non-CC members in Türkiye to understand their concerns as voter abroad, utilizing digital methods such as emails and phone surveys from the whole member community, and then use follow up methods like phones and WhatsApp to get more specific kinds of feedback and input on services and policy areas of interest. I also use virtual and in-person 1:1 conversations with leaders and stakeholders to better understand what issues are of concern to leaders and member communities.


Candidate Statement:

My name is Keith Brannum, and I am honored to announce my candidacy for the position of Non-Country Committee Representative, to support and advocate for the growth of organized Democrats Abroad communities in non-organized countries across the EMEA region. As a proud North Carolina voter residing in Türkiye, I bring over a decade of experience in Democratic campaigns and party organizations to this role, and I ask for your vote.

I firmly believe that our votes reflect our values, and as overseas voters, we face unique challenges in ensuring our ballots are successfully received and returned. My recent involvement in organizing the Democrats Abroad community in Türkiye has equipped me with invaluable overseas party-building experience, enabling me to assist members and foster organizing efforts in non-country committee DA communities. I want to work with members in non-CC's to develop Get-Out-The-Vote organizations and foster non-CC engagement with DPCA on issues important to them.

Since relocating overseas in April 2023, I have been actively engaged with Democrats Abroad, serving as the Chair of the DPCA Officers Elections and Nominations Committee for the 2023 International Elections. Currently, I proudly lead the country team for DA Türkiye, working alongside dedicated volunteers to establish the Country Committee in Formation. Additionally, I successfully organized and managed the Global Presidential Primary in Türkiye.

Prior to my international involvement, I spent a decade as a Democratic campaign operative, holding various organizing and program management roles across several key states, including Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, New York, and Virginia.

I am eager to leverage my professional skills and personal commitment to expand voter participation and ensure that Americans worldwide have the opportunity to exercise their right to vote in the 2024 elections and beyond. Thank you for considering me for this important position, and I hope I will earn your vote. 




Siera Burtrum - Wrocław, Poland

As a DA Voting Representative, how would you go about soliciting input on the perspectives and needs of fellow Non-CC DA members in your Region?

If elected as a DPCA Voting Representative, I will immediately schedule introductory calls with the leadership of each non-CC and any interested members to learn how they operate, the idiosyncrasies of their particular countries, their current needs and any challenges they’re facing. From those calls, we can develop a cohesive plan of action and grassroots organizing together.  Going forward, I will host group weekly standup meetings with country leads of non CC’s to discuss our ongoing activities, how we can support each other and strengthen our community overall. 


Candidate Statement:

My name is Siera Burtrum, and I am asking for your vote for Non-Country Committee EMEA Voting Representative. I joined Democrats Abroad in 2016 to make a political impact back home, since then this organization and the volunteers within it have had a profound impact on my life.

DA is a wonderful, global community of dedicated individuals who have been organizing for 60 years toward a shared goal. That dedication is why I am running for this position - I am committed to our success and mission of mobilizing the overseas vote. 

Originally from North Carolina, I’ve lived in the UK, Spain, and now Poland. My involvement in DA has allowed me to understand how this organization operates on global, country committee, caucus, and non CC levels. 

Professionally my background is in film production, which enhances my ability to self-motivate, collaborate remotely, be an effective leader, and cultivate diverse, cross functional teams. 

My DA experience includes:

  • Currently serving on the global communications team and conducting press trainings 
  • Former DAUK Secretary 
  • Former DPCA Voting Rep (UK - 2 terms)
  • Founding member of the Global Progressive Caucus and former Regional Chair 
  • Recipient of the 2018 DPCA travel fund
  • Previous DAUK social media team lead 
  • Voter registration training
  • Attending AGMs
  • Coordinating fundraisers
  • Providing technical support for meetings and events  

If elected  - during my term I will provide support for all EMEA non CCs with an ‘always on’ approach, attend any relevant meetings to ensure our voice is heard, and will do everything I can to further our best interests.

My vision for our future is: community, accessibility, and visibility. I will represent us transparently, ensure our membership grows and that we foster this inspiring community of ambitious Democrats, united in defeating Trump’s agenda.

Please vote for Siera Burtrum!



Emeka Charles Kalu - Abuja, Nigeria


As a DA Voting Representative, how would you go about soliciting input on the perspectives and needs of fellow Non-CC DA members in your Region?

No answer provided.

Candidate Statement:

As a potential DPCA Voting Representative, I believe I possess several qualities that make me suitable for this role:

  1. Dedication: I am committed to actively participating in the democratic process and representing the interests of the DPCA community anywhere I go.
  2. Communication Skills: I can effectively communicate with fellow members, listen to their concerns, and advocate for their needs during voting sessions. 
  3. Analytical Thinking: I approach issues with a critical mindset, considering various viewpoints and evaluating the impact of decisions. 
  4. Collaboration: I value collaboration and believe in working together to achieve common goals. 
  5. Adaptability: I am open to learning and adapting to new situations, ensuring that I stay informed about relevant topics or events that might come up.
  6. Ethical conduct: I adhere to ethical standards, ensuring transparency, fairness, and integrity in my role or my daily living standards.

ln a nutshell, I am enthusiastic about contributing to the DPCA and ensuring that our community's voice is heard. As an engineer, my qualifications and experience play a crucial role in demonstrating my suitability for a position. Here are some of my qualifications:

Skills and Abilities: Time Management: My ability to manage tasks efficiently. For instance, I’ve met project deadlines and handled multiple assignments simultaneously. problem-Solving: I’ve tackled complex problems. That was problematic to finish, in this situation, I deployed my analytical skills, which led to the successful outcome of the project communication: my excellent communication skills have moved me up to leading group projects and resolving conflicts among team members


Awards and Recognitions: I have received numerous Doctoral Awards conferred by organizations and universities across Africa for my ability and doggedness in human organization and humanity. For instance, I have led several Nigerian nationals to support democracy and Good Governance.
As a prospective DPCA Voting Representative, my core function would be to actively participate in international meetings of the DPCA and represent the membership of my Democratic Party Abroad chapter.

Here are some of my Contractual obligations if Elected:

Participation in DPCA Meetings: Attend and actively engage in DPCA meetings where important decisions are made. Knowing that our votes will contribute to shaping the direction of Democrats Abroad.

Representation: Represent the interests and perspectives of my local chapter's members during discussions and voting on various issues. This includes participating in the election of International Officers.

Communication: Keep my Local chapter informed about DPCA activities, decisions, and updates. Facilitate communication between my chapter and the broader Democrats Abroad community.

Advocacy: Advocate for policies and initiatives that align with the Democratic Party's values and goals. Address critical issues such as voter enfranchisement, climate change, racial equality, and more.

Membership Engagement: Work to expand Democrats Abroad’s membership by reaching out to Americans living abroad. Encourage participation, especially during midterm elections when turnout tends to wane.

Collaboration: Collaborate with other DPCA representatives, committees, and caucuses to achieve common objectives. Build a strong network within the Party organizational structures. Finally the DPCA position is crucial, this is why I am dedicated to values of the position and my passion for the position.




Samuel Funmilade Onipede - Abuja, Nigeria


As a DA Voting Representative, how would you go about soliciting input on the perspectives and needs of fellow Non-CC DA members in your Region?

While the electronic age has simplified a lot of things, certain activities are still better conducted face to face, either physically (where possible) or virtually, but in an interactive format. However, this is not to underate the effectiveness of social media (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, X, and even TikTok and other ancillary platforms. As a DA Voting Representative, I will solicit inputs on the perspectives and needs of fellow non-CC DA members by conducting meets and greet events. As I have mentioned above, this need not be physical, but through interactive, real-time virtual environments. In addition, regular email communication, chats, and occasional phone calls will be included where feasible. Doing so will encourage informality and thus engender genuine and real engagements. 


Candidate Statement:

Dear fellow Democrats Abroad, I am delighted to throw my hat once again in the ring for the DPCA's Non-Country Committee Voting Representative position. My decision to vie for this position stems from my strong passion for liberal ideals and the believe in my ability to carry out the responsibilities attached to it. I am passionate about the need to grow the membership base of the organization, finding creative ways to engage prospective members, and stimulating the interests of the passive ones. 

Briefly about me: I am currently resident in Nigeria, where I work with the Central Bank as an Assistant Director, a position that I have held since January 2022. I hold a Bachelor, Master, and PhD in Economics. I also hold an MBA in Finance. Prior to relocating to Nigeria in December 2014, I was a professor of Economics and Finance and Faculty Senate President at the Strayer University, Charlotte, NC Campus. I also taught in adjunct position for the University of Phoenix and Johnson C. Smith University, Charlotte. However, since 2007, I had been actively engaged in the local (Mecklenburg and Cabarrus Counties - NC) Democratic Party’s activities, especially, as involved voters' education and get-out-the-votes drives. Since I've been in Nigeria, I have made it a point to vote, especially in every Federal and Statewide election and encouraged every Democratic Party member around me to cast their absentee ballots given the necessity to get Progressives into various political offices and help advance progressive agenda in the country as a whole and at the local levels. 

2024 is a very crucial elections year that requires all Democrats’ hands to be on deck with a singular goal of re-electing President Joe Biden. This again requires all our efforts in bringing more prospective members under the umbrella of the Democrats Abroad (DPCA) at this critical juncture when the extreme rights have posed serious existential threats to the core values upon which the country was founded. It is with this realization and a high sense of responsibility that I, therefore, seek your vote for the position of Non-Country Committee (DPCA) Voting Representative in the EMEA, and I hope that I can count on your support.

I thank you.





Note: Candidates and Voters must reside in a “Non-CC” country to participate in this election. See lists below:

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British Indian Ocean Territory


Burkina Faso



Cape Verde

Central African Republic




Congo, Democratic Republic of

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Equatorial Guinea




Faroe Islands

French Southern Territories









Heard Island and McDonald Islands

Holy See (Vatican City State)


Iran, Islamic Republic of


Isle of Man




















Moldova, Republic of








North Macedonia, Republic of


Palestine, State of





San Marino

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Saudi Arabia




Sierra Leone




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Svalbard and Jan Mayen


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