September 13, 2020

Local AAPI Caucuses are now in China and South Korea

We are happy to announce the establishment of two AAPI caucuses at the Democrats Abroad country level! If you would like to start an AAPI caucus in your country, please get in touch and check out our guide on forming a caucus.

Continue reading to learn more about the new AAPI caucuses in China and South Korea.


Many of our members are Chinese Americans.  Being in China provides us a unique opportunity to expand our understanding of our own culture while giving us the opportunity to explore expat life and maximize the benefits of being bilingual. We are committed to highlighting AAPI history, culture, and the role of AAPI communities in fighting against racism and structural discrimination.  Covid has brought racism and xenophobia into sharp focus for the AAPI community.  
There are not too many organizations in China with a focus on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, so this is a great opportunity to make friends and share our experiences to inspire civic engagement. Our first event will be a screening of the PBS Documentary Asian Americans. If you're interested in getting involved in China, please contact Kim Wong at [email protected].


The AAPI Caucus of Democrats Abroad ROK is excited to work with the Global AAPI Caucus. Korean-Americans are the fifth largest AAPI ethnic group in the United States and are heavily represented within our local caucus. Other AAPI people come to us through their service in the United States military or for other career opportunities in the Republic of Korea. We look forward to engaging with the AAPI community in Korea and educating members about the issues facing the Korean-American and other AAPI communities.

As a first event, we will be hosting a talk with Taneka Haewol Jennings of the Hana Center in Chicago about on-the-ground activism and community building within the Korean-American community. If you're interested in getting involved in South Korea, please contact Ben Coz at [email protected].