We Got Our American Trivia On!

Democrats Abroad hosted a fun trivia night this week. We had over 50 attendees, from first time voters to those who voted for JFK. It was a great turn-out for the important cause of spreading the word about voting from abroad. 

Registering First Time Voters

Our GOTV team in Sevilla has been attending study-abroad programs registering students to vote. On September 22 we visited a program catering mostly to freshmen. This is Candy from Louisiana after she registered to vote for the first time, assisted by Caren from Virginia. The energy of these young voters is contagious!


Women are eager to vote from Sevilla!





On September 17 Sevilla Dems hosted a Vote From Abroad table at the annual American Women's Club welcome morning. Our GOTV team had an engaging time registering AWC members to vote and sharing voter information. 

Seville Gets Moving!

We expanded our Steering Committee, and marching orders have been assigned! Armed with new logos, signage, QR codes, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more importantly great spirit, our Dems will be reaching out to local universities and language schools to GOTV for the midterms. We will also be hosting two GOTV events, one with the American Women’s Club, as well as a Trivia Night.

DA Seville Helps You Vote!

DA Seville is back! With midterm elections fast approaching, we are gearing up to do our part to get every American expat in the province of Sevilla registered and ready to vote! We hope to add more recruits with several events planned for September: a steering committee meeting, an information booth at the annual kickoff coffee of American Women’s Club of Seville, and an American Trivia Night at local pub The Merchant. Interested Dems can also stay connected with fellow Dems in the Sevilla area by joining our social discussion and information groups:

WhatsApp—join Fightin’ Dems SVQ

Facebook—join Democrats Abroad-Sevilla

DA Seville Intro

Welcome to Democrats Abroad Seville!

DA Seville is a chapter of DA Spain, the official country committee for US Democrats living in Spain.

We are available to help you

Register to vote.

Be sure to check your registration – many states are purging their rolls.

Request your ballot.

You must request your ballot every year.

Return your ballot.

Many states require paper ballots be returned in very particular ways.  We can help.

Watch the News and Events spaces for upcoming announcements of plans, meetings, and events. We encourage anyone interested in participating to get in touch.

If you have questions or would like to help with Democrats Abroad in Seville, please contact us at [email protected].

Helen Morgan, Interim Chair
Democrats Abroad - Seville

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