February 28, 2024

Esclavos En Sevilla Tour in recognition of Black History Month

Members of Democrats Abroad Sevilla participated in an education tour about the history of enslaved people in Sevilla. This is not a topic that is the subject of frequent discussion among the residents of Sevilla, or the thousands of tourists who visit our beautiful city every week, but it's an important and painful part of our history. It sparked many questions and debate, and a commitment to continuing to educate ourselves about all aspects of Sevilla's past. As participant Leora Glasgow observed: "One of my main takeaways from this interesting and important tour is that at its height 10% of Sevilla's population was enslaved people, and of that 7% were enslaved Africans! The enslavement of human beings was not simply a shameful, ancient act of the past. It was big business. Slavery was one of the main industries that drove Sevilla's economy in the 14th, 15th and 16th Centuries. Just sit with that fact for a moment. When you do, it should make you wonder aloud - what is owed to these people and their descendants in the terms of economic recompense, in terms of historical relevance and prominence, in terms of truth-telling, in terms of national and international memory. These are questions I've been asking myself as an African-American in reference to my own country."