February 14, 2023

Call to Action: ERA Now

There’s a lot going on with the Equal Rights Amendment.   And you can help.

Contact Senate Judiciary Committee     

The most significant thing is that at the end of January, two identical resolutions were introduced in Congress, H.J.Res.25 and S.J.Res.4, to affirm the validity of the Equal Rights Amendment (“ERA”) as the 28th Amendment.  Senator Durbin, the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, committed during a press conference on January 31 to hold a hearing in mid/late February.   We need to make sure all 11 of the Democratic committee members understand the importance of this vote.   (You could also contact Republican ones but enough Dems to get out of committee.)

Please email, write, call, tweet and post on their social media that you care about ERA.  Contact details and sample scripts can be found on www.democratsabroad.org/era.   This needs to be done ASAP.   Please spread the word.

Many Thanks!