Haven’t received your official Ballot yet? Deadlines are coming up--don't miss your chance to vote!
Overseas voters can VOTE NOW using the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot ("FWAB" or Back-up Ballot)!


STEP I. Did You Send in Your Ballot Request Form (the Federal Post Card Application) for 2018?

  1. If you vote in AZ, CO, ME, MN, MS, MT, OR, SC, UT or WA, you can skip this step. On the FWAB, you can check the box to submit your Ballot Request at the same time. (Go to Step II). 

  2. All other voters: Verify with your Local Election Official (LEO) that they received your Ballot Request form for 2018 and have sent out your official ballot. You can find the email and phone number here:
  • If your LEO has sent out your official ballot, but you are concerned you won't receive it in time to meet the deadline to vote, send in a FWAB to preserve your vote. (Go to Step II). You should also find out why you didn’t receive your official ballot in time, so you don’t have this problem next election.

  • If your LEO hasn't received your ballot request form--or you haven't sent it in yet--go to to fill out your form and send it to your LEO right away. The deadline for the Ballot Request form is earlier than the deadline to submit a FWAB, but most states will accept it by Email or Fax. 

STEP II. Fill out and Send in Your FWAB: 

  1. Go to this website and follow the prompts to Fill in the FWAB

  2. The website should fill in the candidates for you to choose. But if it does not, you can write in the candidate’s name or just write in the political party. (If you are using the FWAB to vote in a Primary Election, you must write in the candidate's name).

  3. Download the PDF Package containing your completed FWAB and Instructions.

  4. Print out the completed FWAB, then follow the instructions carefully to SUBMIT the required materials to your LEO. 

    • Return by Fax or Email: The Instructions will indicate if you may opt to send in your FWAB by Email or Fax. We recommend you do so to ensure it will be received by the deadline. 

      If your state allows return by Fax (but not Email) and you don’t have access to a fax machine, you can use the DoD Fax service through the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP). Email your ballot and any required supporting materials (including the transmission cover sheet) to FVAP will then fax your election materials to your LEO.

    • Return by Mail: If you choose--or if your state requires you--to return your FWAB by postal mail, you can download envelope templates for the "Ballot Security Envelope" (to hold your filled out ballot) and the "Mailing Envelope" (to hold the ballot separate from the supporting materials). If you have your original Ballot Request form, include it in the "Mailing Envelope"


*IMPORTANT: If you receive your official ballot after submitting your FWAB, you should complete and return your official ballot as well. It’s okay--only one ballot per person will be counted.

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