Convention Watch - Get the Party started! July 29-30


Convention Watch Weekend -  July 29th and 30th
 Your place or mine?

Bring your friends together to listen to the Convention Speeches. Discuss Issues. Get excited about the upcoming elections!

The Democratic Convention will be held from July 25-28.
 Record the speeches or whatever events you think might be interesting.

 Host a party on the Friday July 29th or Saturday July 30th to watch the action together.

Your party can be as big or small as you'd like.  It can be a potluck, a catered event or as simple as wine & cheese or beer & popcorn!

Here are the logistics:

 If you want to host a party send us a message by next Monday, July 18 - with your name, email address, date and time, party venue address (and any special details, also how many people you can host).
We’ll post your name, date & time and general location on our web site event page, something like: “Matt and Marjorie, in southern Rome for beer and popcorn at 8 pm on July 29th" or “Sue in Perugia, potluck at 7pm on July 30th”.

If you’d like to attend, RSVP to the event asap and we’ll either provide the host/hostess with your details or make theirs available to you.

 Around July 21 we will also send an email out to DA Italy announcing all the different parties (and their general location), with links to the RSVP page.  The hosts with receive the contact info of those who have RSVPed for their event.

 And when the party’s over, send a group photo for posting on the DA Italy website.    

 Contact: for more info or to host your event.

Let’s move our nation forward! AND have fun doing it!

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