Don't let Congress forget the DACA Dreamers

In September, President Trump put an arbitrary expiration date on the DACA program, forcing thousands of young immigrants to worry about being deported to countries they no longer call home. He put their fate in the hands of Congress and last week, the Senate failed to pass a bill to provide a path to citizenship for the Dreamers. Despite widespread, bipartisan support for DACA, Senators packed their bags and headed to home for a week without finishing what they started.

Call your Senators’ and Representative’s state offices today. Tell your representatives not to forget the Dreamers and to pass a bill that will grant them legal status before the March 5th deadline imposed by President Trump.

Find your Senators here.

Find your Representative here.

Add your voice to those being raised back home. Encourage your friends to host a sit in or rally in your home state.

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