Helping out in Alabama

Join us today on a call with Stephanie SchriockPresident of Emily’s List, at 2pm DC time. Stephanie will be speaking with DA about how Democratic women can make their voices heard, how to make gender parity a reality, and more. Please keep in mind the time change and RSVP now

Our GOTV team is counting down to next week’s elections in New Jersey and Virginia (and still doing phone banking – consider helping too). 

We are also looking toward December 12th and the senate seat election in Alabama, where Democratic candidate Doug Jones is running against Bannon-supported candidate Roy Moore.

To help out in Alabama, we’re thrilled to announce that the Ragin’ Cajun from Louisiana, James Carville, has agreed to join DA in a call next Wednesday, November 8th, at 9am DC time. He’ll be speaking to us as a surrogate for Doug Jones, and we’re looking forward to hearing his thoughts. We’ll be posting the event on the site very shortly!! 

Larry Cohen, co-chair of the Unity Reform Commission and chair of Our Revolution, met with DA France in Paris last week at an event hosted by Connie Borde. He answered many questions about the Unity Reform Commission's work and also the Las Vegas DNC meeting. Read a summary of his remarks here.

Last week’s call with Phil Murphy, the Democratic candidate for NJ governor, and his wife Tammy Murphy, went very well. Together they spent almost an hour answering questions from our members about everything from NJ infrastructure plans to the public bank program Phil is interested in setting up. In case you missed the call, check out the video.

This week’s Tiny Action will focus on raising money this year to make a difference in elections next year. We’re asking our Tiny Action activists to ask their family and friends to help support phone banking and other get out the vote actions to make sure Americans abroad provide the margin of victory in 2018.

Women’s Caucus calendars are on sale now and have their own page on the website. Check them out– it’s not too early to start your Christmas shopping! 

Mark your calendars

“Give to Win” fundraising month is running! – October through Nov 8th
Women’s Caucus hosts Emily’s List – November 2nd at 2pm DC time
James Carville webinar – November 8th at 9am DC time
DA Global Auction – November 24th to December 3rd