Galway & Cork see good turnout to request overseas ballots, despite the weather

Galway & Cork, Ireland - August 22, 2020 - 8 Democrats Abroad volunteers in 2 locations, despite the rain and windy weather on the west and south of Ireland, to help Americans living in Ireland get registered and request their overseas ballots.  It all took place as part of DA Ireland's Get Out the Vote road trip in conjunction with the Democratic National Convention which ended earlier this week. 

In Galway, on Shop Street (above), volunteers sang along with local buskers while assisting members of the public between songs.  Then, they moved over to McGinn's Hop house to avoid the damp weather and share a slice of pizza with US citizens who needed guidance on how to return their voted ballots. 

In Cork, (above) the changeable weather and social distancing requirements meant that our volunteers were moved from Princes St. to the Grand Parade, and then on to the corner of Patrick's Street next to Brown Thomas. This lead to a fair amount of foot traffic, some press, and a street photographer who caught portraits of our volunteers.   All in all, it was a good day out with several overseas ballots requested.

We are hoping to have more events in these two locations for our members soon.  This week, we're in Dublin (August 26) on Grafton St (3-7PM) and in Co. Cavan at the Brewery (Main St, Arva).  Be sure to check the events for more details!

Democrats Abroad Ireland run successful voter registration in Dublin

Dublin, Ireland, August 15, 2020 -  Democrats Abroad are out in the streets across Ireland for the 2020 election season, registering voters and assisting individuals in requesting their overseas ballot.  On Saturday, volunteers wearing Vote From Abroad masks and t-shirts assisted over 30 Americans!  

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Why it’s time to take a stand for net neutrality

Image Source: Getty/ Shutterstock/ CNN Money

Do you talk to your family and friends back home over Skype or WhatsApp? You might not be able to for much longer if President Trump’s newly appointed FCC commissioner, Ajit Pai, has it his way.

In three weeks the FCC plans to eliminate basic net neutrality protections that ensure Americans have an open Internet and tech innovators compete on a fair playing field. These protections killed AT&T’s attempt to block Skype on the iPhone in 2009 when they feared it would hurt their profit margins. Net neutrality principles also ensured startups with the best ideas had the chance to succeed, not just those with the deepest pockets or closest ties to powerful cable companies.

Legal expert Tim Wu fears the FCC’s new proposal could even undermine free expression by opening the door for companies like Comcast and Verizon to block any online content they don’t like. This has already happened before. In Canada, one Internet provider blocked access to a pro-union website in order to prevent workers’ ability to assemble and build public support. Without taking a stand, similar censorship could become commonplace in the US. At the very least, the FCC’s decision would mean higher bills and slower Internet speeds for users who access websites and apps that don’t make special deals with cable companies.

The Internet as it stands today enables us to connect with our loved ones back home faster and more affordably than ever before. It ensured our voices were heard all the way from Ireland when we expressed our dismay after President Trump announced his unconstitutional travel ban in February. It’s how our ballots were emailed to us so we could easily vote from abroad during the many special elections throughout the year.

Let’s do our part to stop the FCC and cable companies from changing the Internet we know and love:


Greg Johnson


Democrats Abroad Ireland


Trump's 100th Day: Help us fight Trump here in Ireland!

Friend -- 

April 29th marks Donald Trump's 100th day in office - and potentially the first day of a government shutdown. Join us in Dublin at 3pm (2pm if you wish to attend the executive committee meeting) on Saturday April 29th at Sinatra's Bar, Arlington Hotel to strategize how we can best resist here in Ireland as well as advocate for Americans living abroad. 

If you haven't already, please take our survey so we can do our best to plan in ways that meet your interests! We will go over the survey results together on 29 April to help us develop specific goals, actions, and events. 

Grab a drink and join in on the conversation! We look forward to seeing you soon.

Greg Johnson, Chair

DA Ireland

2017: New Committee, Meeting, and Take Our Survey!

Friends -- 

Democrats Abroad Ireland, the official arm of the Democratic Party in Ireland, elected a new Executive Committee at their Annual General Meeting held on March 25.

The incoming committee is responsible for the leadership of DA Ireland in upholding and supporting the work of the Democratic Party committee abroad and for advocating for Americans living overseas within the party in the United States. Please take our short survey so we can do our best to plan events that meet your interests! 

DA Ireland announces the following newly elected members:

Chair – Greg Johnson
Vice-Chair – Dawn Palmer
Secretary – Patti McCann
Treasurer –  John Kelly
Members-At-Large – Richie Cunningham, France Stephen, Nmeli Nnoromele, Carija Ihus

As American politics has come to the forefront of global concern with the Trump administration, DA Ireland aims to be the point of contact for Americans living in Ireland to more actively connect with government and civic engagement back home.

“We are happy to announce the election results of DA Ireland’s Executive Committee,” says Greg, incoming Chair of Democrats Abroad Ireland. “We have witnessed an outpouring of concern and activity of Americans living in Ireland following the general election last year. Our goal is to outreach to other Americans and to provide even greater opportunities for our members to learn about and engage with what is happening politically back in the U.S. via our events, teach-ins, meet-ups, voter registration drives, or other activities.”

The elections are one facet of an ongoing program of activities for DA Ireland. 

Don't forget, please take our survey so we can do our best to plan events that meet your interests! We will use the survey results at our first event to help us plan specific goals, actions, and events.

Also, mark your calendars: the first event organized by the new committee is 29 April at 3pm (2pm if you wish to attend the executive committee meeting) at Sinatra's Bar at The Arlington Hotel in Dublin. This marks the 100th day of Donald Trump's presidency. We will send out more details about the meeting shortly after the Easter holidays. 

Feel free to view our minutes from the Annual General Meeting

Want to do something now? Activism and recommended reads:

  • Action: Oppose unconstitutional religious discrimination. Call: The White House comment line202-456-1111.

    Script: Freedom of religion is a core principle of our Constitution. I oppose the laptop ban and extreme vetting of Muslim immigrants. America is a better place when it welcomes immigrants. I will remember these actions and other recent bans at the next election and vote accordingly.
    • Action: Respond to EPA cuts by going local. Our friends at Wall-of-Us offer a creative solution to take our control back. Visit:

DA Ireland

Thanksgiving Dinner with Legendary Director Jim Sheridan

Director Jim Sheridan on the set of his film Brothers with Jake Gyllenhaal & Toby Maguire

Join us for Thanksgiving Dinner- we've got our biggest event of the year coming up! We'll gather in the Charlemont Bar for drinks from 6:30 PM where football will be on, and set up our receiving table at 7:00 PM in advance of dinner at 7:30 PM. CLICK HERE to book now!

Following dinner we are honoured to welcome legendary film director Jim Sheridan as our guest speaker. Mr. Sheridan needs no introduction as his work is known the world over: My Left Foot (Daniel Day-Lewis, Brenda Fricker), The Field (Richard Harris, John Hurt, Sean Bean), In The Name of The Father (Day-Lewis, Emma Thompson, Pete Postlethwaite), The Boxer (Day-Lewis), In America (Samantha Morton, Paddy Considine), Get Rich or Die Tryin' (50 Cent, Terence Howard), Brothers (Natalie Portman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Toby Maguire). Mr. Sheridan has just completed a short film with Selma Hayak called 11th Hour that takes place in a Manhattan bar on 9/11. He is also the curator of the Dublin Arabic Film Festival at the Irish Film Institute

Mr. Sheridan's perspective (especially as seen in the film In America) is not unfamiliar to many of us. He knows what it really means for those who come to the US and how that story needs to be heard more than ever now. Given his personal story, the Trump election, and the current refugee crisis, we can think of no one more fitting to address our membership on Thanksgiving. We are honoured & delighted he is able to join us.

An Evening with Governor Martin O'Malley

Image result for martin o'malley hillary

 Come meet former Presidential Candidate Martin O'Malley this Wednesday evening. He'll discuss the campaign, what's at stake in#Election2016, & might even have a bit of news from the Galway/Mayo border from which his clan hails. All welcome!

Wednesday, September 07, 2016 at 06:00 PM - 8pm
Library Bar at Central Hotel
1-5 Exchequer St
Dublin 2
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Coffee with Senator Tom Harkin

Join us in a morning coffee with Senator Tom Harkin at the Clayton Hotel (formerly Bewley's) at 9am on Sat. 18th of June. Senator Harkin will give us his insight into the 2016 election, and share some of his experiences from four decades of public service. As a Senator (1985-2015) Tom Harkin wrote and introduced the American with Disabilities Act, and was ultimately successful in seeing it become law. He has been a champion of working people for his entire life, and helped in passing Obamacare and the repeal of "Don's Ask, Don't Tell." He has worked tirelessly for immigration reform, advocated for our veterans, and a woman's right to choose. He was a front runner for the Democratic nomination in 1992. We are honored to be meeting with him. RSVP HERE

US Expat Financial Planning Seminar

Expat Financial Planning Seminar: US Family Office of...
London___Capital_logo_png_image.png   pwclogo.gif  matheson-logo.png

Democrats Abroad Ireland has engaged London & Capital for a seminar in expat financial planning. London & Capital have been specialising in managing wealth for US investors for 25 years. They are partnering with PwC Ireland and Matheson to share their expertise in wealth management, estate planning, and asset protection to our members.

London & Capital are one of the few wealth managers who actively welcome US clients. Being SEC (US) regulated, with a strong long-term investment track record, US clients have become a core area of their business. They are able to provide US-linked families with a coordinated financial plan which blends investment and financial objectives with tax and compliance considerations, also providing clear calendar and fiscal year investment information.

Please RSVP at Eventbrite by clicking this link
Space is extremely limited.

WHEN: Wednesday 25th May 2016 | 6.30pm Drinks reception | 7.00pm Presentation, Q&A | 8.00pm Networking

WHERE: Stephens Green Hibernian Club 9, St Stephen’s Green Dublin 2, Ireland (map CLICK HERE
Please note the Dress Code for the SGHC is jackets for men (tie NOT required), suitably neat attire for women.  No Jeans, shorts, t-shirts and/or athletic wear or runners/trainers, etc. 

· Understand the implications of living/working in Ireland in light of the recent tax and legislative changes for US families
· Effective estate planning techniques and how to avoid the pitfalls
· How best to invest for US individuals living in Ireland
· Tax-efficient planning and compliance considerations
· What to invest in and what not to invest in

Robert Paul US Family Office Executive Director at London & Capital: Robert is Executive Director within London & Capital's US Family Office. Robert started his career in alternative investments before moving on to investment advisory where he specialised in advising high net worth investment professionals. At London and Capital, Robert is responsible for advising private clients, families and trusts on asset allocation, risk profiling and the structuring of their investments.

John Gill Partner in the Private Client Department at Matheson: John is a partner in the Private Client Department at Matheson. He advises individuals and families on investment vehicles and appropriate trust structures for estate planning and asset protection purposes and he advises a number of domestic high net worth individuals on a wide range of taxation issues and domiciled and non-domiciled individuals with Irish tax concerns, including relocating to and establishing tax residence in Ireland.

Marie Flynn Director of Private Client Services at PwC: Marie is a tax director in the private client team of PwC Dublin with over twenty years’ experience in UK and Irish taxation, both in practice and with HMRC in the UK. She specialises primarily in advising high net worth individuals/families and partnerships. Marie has extensive experience in providing tax consultancy advice to individuals, family businesses, professional partnerships, non-resident / non domiciled individuals and management teams.

This seminar is informational only, and should not be considered tax opinion or advice provided or endorsed by Democrats Abroad. Please be advised that Democrats Abroad is prohibited from providing legal, tax, accounting, or financial advice. Democrats Abroad is not responsible for any use you make of the information provided at the seminar.

Galway Polls open 1-5pm Saturday 5th of March! Come and vote and spread the word!

Galway City sees polls open for presidential primary voting tomorrow from 1-5pm at Monroe's Tavern in Dominick Street in Galway's WestEnd. Any American or US dual national is eligible to vote, so please share this email with anyone you may know who may not be aware. If you can't vote in Galway in person CLICK HERE to get your ballot and return by email, post, or fax- do so now, as email and postal votes must be submitted by March 8th. We'll also have a meeting from 2-3pm to plan and go over what we have planned for the rest election year 2016- bring your ideas and your enthusiasm!