June 22 - Welcome Hispanic Caucus + Focus on Healthcare

I’m proud to announce that the Hispanic Caucus is now an official caucus within Democrats Abroad. Caucus chair Ana Blackstad (Czech Republic), will be putting out a global call for caucus members next week, but's not too early to join now  - head to our volunteer page to easily sign up! The caucus has exciting plans that we'll be hearing more about very shortly. Stay tuned!  

Our other caucuses will also be taking part in the global call for caucus members. That global email should go out on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. 

Our global teams are ramping up left and right thanks to Resistance Summer, and I’m delighted to announce the newly formed Design Team. Led by Quaide Williams (Germany), the team will focus on improving and expanding our graphics, print materials, social media memes and more. If you would like to volunteer for the team, please get in touch at [email protected]

Our Comms, Design and Action teams have been busy this week rolling out a coordinated response to the Senate’s backroom AHCA dealings. Be sure to check out our news story on the effect of the healthcare bill on Americans abroad. We also have easy to use call scripts and would appreciate you sharing these scripts and the call to action widely! To help push the calls, we’ll be sending out a global email today or tomorrow asking you to contact your senators.

Last Thursday’s Residency Based Taxation Call Storm Campaign was a great success. Based on the response form feedback, we estimate that we made over 1000 calls. It was gratifying to hear from several senate and representative offices that they were impressed by the numbers of Americans abroad that they’d heard from that day.  

Many thanks go out to our GOTV teams of volunteers who put in many hours calling SC and GA voters recently. Although the results were disappointing, I’d like to particularly highlight the numbers in the SC race - in a gerrymandered district in one of the most conservative areas of SC, Archie Parnell lost by only 3% of the vote. Opportunity knocks for Democrats Abroad in many races across the country next year, we just need to keep up the work. Next up for GOTV we’ll see global efforts underway for getting out the vote in Utah for Chaffetz’s seat and in Alabama for Sessions’.

The DNC is currently helping us organize a meet up with LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, who will be in Berlin on July 6th and who has agreed to a meeting with Democrats Abroad that day. More information on this visit to come!