June 8 - Getting ready for RBT

Are you holding a Comey watch party today? If you’re looking for a way to watch, check out this Wired article for a range of options. Some of our country committee chairs aren’t just watching, they are also being interviewed by the press. Check out your country committee's web or facebook page to see if your country leaders were interviewed!

DA saw lots of actions happening last week, with countries from Peru to Belgium organizing and participating in the March for Truth. We also ran a global initiative on the Paris Accord, asking you to reach out to your mayors and governors to demand that they support the agreement. Our contact lines buzzed after that email, and we received dozens of messages back supporting the action and were able to track almost a thousand resulting actions.

What’s next? Residency Based Taxation! We’re rolling out a massive campaign in support of RBT, and asking every member to participate in some way over the summer. The kick off date for the campaign is June 15 and if you haven’t heard about the Congressional Call Storm and other events happening that day, check out the Taxation page and expect an email on the subject really soon!

Are you interested in making phone calls to special election voters living abroad? We still have Georgia voters to reach out to and the Get Out the Vote (GOTV) and IT teams have almost finished preparing SC member calls, helping out Archie Parnell’s race in Congressional District 5. Get in touch with the GOTV team at [email protected] for more information.

In other global business news, International Counsel Tom Schmid has appointed co-deputy Counsels for EMEA – Rebekah Rollo (Germany) and Yasmin Mang (Germany) and deputy Counsel for the Americas – Sam Stone (Mexico) to serve on the counsel team around the world. Many thanks to these dedicated volunteers! 

As you know, it’s Pride month, and we’re proudly flying the rainbow flag on the DA website. Do check out the recent article from the LGBT caucus about their activity and consider volunteering with the caucus.